Tuesday's Mini-Report, 2.18.20

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Stone trial: "The judge overseeing the trial of Roger Stone, the Republican campaign veteran and longtime Trump friend, said Tuesday that she will not delay the sentencing, scheduled for Thursday morning."

* Trump vs. the Trump administration: "President Trump publicly objected to efforts within his own administration to restrict the sales of American technology to China over national security concerns, insisting on Tuesday that such fears were an 'excuse' and that the United States was open for business."

* Jason Klitenic: "The top lawyer for the intelligence community, whose decision to block a whistleblower's complaint about President Donald Trump and Ukraine from reaching Congress helped jumpstart the impeachment inquiry, is resigning from his post, officials confirmed."

* Remarkable timing: "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's corruption trial will start on March 17, two weeks after Israel holds its third national election in less than a year, the Justice Ministry said on Tuesday."

* Graham will put up with everything except troop withdrawals: "Sen. Lindsey Graham and a bipartisan group of lawmakers, uniting against a Trump administration idea to withdraw U.S. troops from part of Africa, pushed back during a fiery exchange with Defense Secretary Mark Esper [at the Munich Security Conference] over the weekend, according to four people present at or familiar with the meeting."

* Bolton's first public remarks in a while: "John R. Bolton, the former national security adviser to President Trump, suggested on Monday that his unpublished book contained far more revelations than just the campaign to pressure Ukraine for help with domestic politics but said he was fighting 'censorship' by the White House."

* The latest White House drama: "Top Trump administration officials are in discussions to reassign deputy national security adviser Victoria Coates to the Department of Energy from the National Security Council, per two sources familiar with the planning."

See you tomorrow.