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Train crash mystery and other headlines

Morning headlines: Feds say truck sitting on tracks before train crash wasn't stuck there, FCC net neutrality vote coming, watermelon: fruit or vegetable?

Feds: truck driver in train crash wasn't stuck on the tracks. (AP)

Fervor builds as FCC net-neutrality vote looms. (USA Today)

Mitch McConnell backs Rand Paul's bid to run for both Senate and White House. (Wall Street Journal)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel did not win reelection outright; race heads to a runoff. (Chicago Tribune)

Pres. Obama nominates first ambassador to Somalia since 1991. (AP)

Why the insanity defense failed in the "American Sniper" trial. (Washington Post)

Nevada lawmaker thinks cancer is a fungus. (Ralston Reports)

Debate crops up over Oklahoma's state vegetable, the watermelon. (Wall Street Journal)

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