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Morning Maddow: November 21

Morning headlines: Rep. Trey Radel takes leave of absence, GOP maps out Obamacare attacks on Democrats, the first women to complete tough Marine training.

GOP maps out waves of attacks over heath law. (NY Times)

Fighting in the Senate is stalling the National Defense Authorization Act. (AP)

Rep. Trey Radel is taking a leave of absence to go to rehab after his drug bust. (Tampa Bay Times)

Another member of Congress was assaulted and robbed on Capitol Hill. (The Hill)

Missouri is likely to continue using its new method of executing prisoners. (AP)

Three women to graduate from Marine infantry training course after competing on equal footing with men. (Marine Corps Times)

Have you heard the one about the Hawaii lawmaker whose solution to homelessness involves a sledgehammer? (NY Mag)

What price BatKid? $105,000. (San Francisco Chronicle)