Morning Maddow: January 21

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gestures as he speaks to media and homeowners about the ongoing recovery from Hurricane Sandy in Manahawkin, New Jersey...

NJ Gov. Christie to be sworn in again today. (AP) Here are some advance excerpts from his speech. (Bergen Record).

New poll: Christie's image turns more negative. (Pew Research Center) 

Another very New Jersey story as a leader of an agency under investigation gets a plum job. (NY Times)

More oil spilled from trains last year than in the previous four decades. (McClatchy)

Supreme Court to hear 1st amendment challenge to labor unions. (Chicago Tribune)

Trucking company that moves soldiers accused of bilking the government. (The State)

The Syria talks are back on now that Iran has been uninvited. (AP)

3 former war crimes prosecutors say there is photographc evidence that Syria has tortured prisoners. (BBC)

A new leak is detected at Fukushima nuclear plant. (NY Times)