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Monday's Mini-Report, 9.18.17

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* Another one: "Hurricane Maria was strengthening fast into a monster storm Monday as it barreled towards Martinique and Puerto Rico and the other Irma-battered Caribbean islands."

* St. Louis: "Protests in St. Louis over a former police officer's acquittal in the shooting death of a black man continued Monday after a weekend capped by the arrests of more than 80 people."

* Oh my: "On the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, President Donald Trump on Monday previewed a new tradition he would like to institute: a parade of military pageantry in the nation's capital in the style of the one he attended in Paris for Bastille Day this year."

* In related news: "President Donald Trump opened his first remarks at the United Nations Monday by complimenting the Trump-branded property across the street."

* Trump's latest court defeat: "A federal judge has blocked the Trump administration's attempt to use Justice Department public-safety grant programs to discourage so-called sanctuary city policies aimed at protecting undocumented immigrants."

* Russia: "A revitalized Russian military on Monday sent tanks, paratroopers, artillery, antiaircraft weapons, jets and helicopters into frigid rains to engage the forces of a mock enemy called the 'Western Coalition.' The barrage of firepower, part of war games that began last week, was an explosive show of force that Baltic leaders said was a simulation of an attack against NATO forces in Eastern Europe."

* I wonder if Elton John will mind: "President Trump is calling Kim Jong Un names -- the 'Rocket Man.'"

* Afghanistan: "Soon, American Embassy employees in Kabul will no longer need to take a Chinook helicopter ride to cross the street to a military base less than 100 yards outside the present Green Zone security district."

* Jody Hunt's confirmation testimony should be interesting: "The Justice Department aide who the White House announced Friday would be President Trump's pick for a top DOJ position appears to have also been present at a key meeting between Attorney General Jeff Sessions and then-FBI Director James Comey."

* This is what our lives are like now: "President Trump on Sunday morning retweeted a doctored video showing him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball -- from an account that makes racial, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBT comments."

Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.