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Image: Members of the FBI's evidence response team investigate the scene of a mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill., on July 5, 2022.
Members of the FBI's evidence response team investigate the scene of a mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill., on July 5, 2022.Charles Rex Arbogast / AP

Tuesday’s Mini-Report, 7.5.22

Today’s edition of quick hits.


Today’s edition of quick hits.

* The latest from the Highland Park mass shooting: “The man held by police in connection with the mass shooting at a July Fourth parade planned the attack for weeks — and dressed like a woman to avoid detection, authorities said Tuesday.... The weapon was legally purchased in Illinois, officials said. [Chris Covelli, spokesman for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force] described it as being ‘similar to an AR-15.’”

* Other Chicago-area shootings: “The attack at the Highland Park Fourth of July parade was the largest and highest-profile shooting, but far from the only one, over the holiday weekend. It was one of two mass shootings in the Chicago region alone on Monday. Less than 12 hours earlier, five people were injured in a shooting on Chicago’s South Side.”

* The latest from the Philadelphia shooting: “Two Philadelphia-area police officers were injured in a shooting that took place as tens of thousands of people celebrated July Fourth by congregating for fireworks and live music Monday, authorities said.”

* The latest from the Minneapolis shooting: “Gunfire at a park along the Mississippi River near downtown Minneapolis wounded eight people, some of them with critical injuries, officials said Tuesday.”

* The latest from the Kentucky shooting: “Three law enforcement officers were killed and three other officers were shot on Thursday night after a man barricaded in his home opened fire with a rifle in Allen, Ky., a rural town so small that it lacks its own police force, the authorities said.”

* The latest from the Fort Worth shooting: “A gunman killed two people and wounded three police officers and another resident in the Fort Worth area of Texas on Saturday evening before he turned a weapon on himself, police said.”

* The latest on the shooting of Jayland Walker: “Ohio police released graphic body camera video and additional details Sunday about the shooting of Black motorist Jayland Walker, showing for the first time the moment eight officers released a barrage of bullets at Walker as he ran.”

* Trouble in London: “Two of Britain’s most senior Cabinet ministers have quit, a move that could spell the end of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s leadership after months of scandals. Treasury chief Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid resigned within minutes of each other.”

* The Russian capture of Lysychansk: “Ukrainian forces confirmed Sunday that they had withdrawn from a key eastern city in what amounts to a major setback in its fight against the Russian invasion.”

* In Uvalde: “Embattled Texas Police Chief Pete Arredondo has resigned from his seat in the Uvalde City Council, roughly a month after being sworn in to the position.”

* Abortion abolitionists: “Many people who oppose abortion believe that life begins at conception and that abortion is murder. Abolitionists follow that thinking to what they believe is the logical, and uncompromising, conclusion: From the moment of conception, abolitionists want to give the fetus equal protection as a person under the 14th Amendment.”

* This needs to be fixed: “Doctors have sometimes failed to diagnose serious cases of Covid-19 among people of color — and the Food and Drug Administration acknowledges one reason may be flaws in devices it approved to measure blood oxygen levels. Pulse oximeters can overestimate blood oxygen in people with dark skin, causing doctors to miss patients’ distress signals.”

* When sitting members of Congress suggest the Senate’s former sergeant-at-arms might have been assassinated, that’s not OK.

See you tomorrow.