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Tuesday's Mini-Report, 8.24.21

Today's edition of quick hits.


Today's edition of quick hits:

* I'll have more on this in the morning: "House Democrats voted Tuesday to move forward with President Joe Biden's top legislative priorities after resolving a standoff between leadership and centrist rebels, who threatened to block the multitrillion-dollar safety net expansion."

* Eyeing Aug. 31: "President Biden on Tuesday told world leaders gathered virtually for a meeting of the Group of 7 nations that he is aiming — for now — to get American troops out of Afghanistan by the looming deadline, but said there was still a possibility of extending the military presence, the president's top spokeswoman said Tuesday."

* CIA Director William Burns has some experience in this sort of thing: "Facing growing pressure over his looming deadline to leave Afghanistan, President Joe Biden dispatched his spy chief to meet with the Taliban's de facto leader, according to a senior diplomat in the region and another source familiar with the matter."

* That's an extraordinary number: "American officials reported Tuesday morning that 21,600 people were evacuated on Monday, and that 58,700 people had been flown out of the city since it fell on Aug. 14."

* Henry Tarrio: "The leader of the far-right Proud Boys was sentenced Monday to more than five months in jail after admitting that he burned a Black Lives Matter banner taken from a historic Black church in Washington during a pro-Trump demonstration in December."

* In the wake of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, I guess this was inevitable: "The number of active COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations took another jump in South Dakota, according to the state health department's daily coronavirus update Tuesday."

* Iran's government doesn't apologize often: "The head of Iran's prison authority apologized Tuesday after a hacker group released footage showing guards beating and kicking inmates at a notorious prison for political detainees and foreigners."

* Nunes' latest legal setback: "A Virginia judge has dismissed the second of two lawsuits California Rep. Devin Nunes filed against a Republican political strategist who he claimed spread defamatory information about him leading up to his 2018 reelection campaign."

* Even a broken clock is right twice a day: "Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Monday that if he were governor, he would let employers and school boards decide whether to implement mask and vaccine mandates."

* Oh my: "Former Energy Secretary and Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Monday attempted to wade into the state's school mask wars by promoting a product that he has a financial stake in as more schools implement mandates that buck Gov. Greg Abbot's (R) ban."

See you tomorrow.