Links for the 2/28 TRMS

Legislature Restores Some Family Planning Cuts

Impact of Abortion Restrictions in Texas Research Brief (pdf)

State Left Family-Planning Money Unspent While Clinics Closed

The fight for women's reproductive health in the Rio Grande Valley (pdf)

Researcher sees 'perfect storm' for family planning in RGV

'Miscarriage Management': The Next Front in the Abortion Wars

EMS Coordinator letter to Ft. Lee mayor (pdf)

Bridge scandal: 911 tapes of GWB lane closures released

Documents released in Christie bridge scandal

NY-NJ port police union chief wades into GWB tiff

Leader of Port Authority's Police Union to Reduce Role Amid Bridge Scandal

Christie's top Port Authority appointee Baroni resigns amid escalating probe into GWB lane closures

'Traffic is a nightmare': Bridge scandal audio tapes reveal growing gridlock in Fort Lee

Crimean airspace closed after Russian transports reportedly land

Hillary Clinton memo (pdf)

Thousands of Bill Clinton White House Papers Released

Why We Do It


Stillbirth Traced To `Dumping`

Hospital 'Dumping' of Poor: Lawmakers Seek a Cure

Reagan’s healthcare mandate

Another rural Ga. hospital calls it quits

Study: States that reject Medicaid expansion lose money

What could save Georgia’s closing hospitals

Nathan Deal: Tighten Access To Hospital Emergency Rooms