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Citations for the March 23, 2015 TRMS

Links to material cited on Monday night's show
Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • Todd Gillman, Dallas Morning News DC bureau chief
  • Eliza Jane Schaeffer, a student at Henry Clay High School
  • Rachel Belin, teacher and adviser at Henry Clay High School

Tonight's links:

In state Senate, all 6 Republicans collect leadership pay

Democrats need Elizabeth Warren’s voice in 2016 presidential race

Warren would be a credible threat to Clinton in the primaries

Elizabeth Warren, run for the White House

If Elizabeth Warren does run, she would surprise skeptics

Ted Cruz Has Skeptics at Liberty, and They Use Yik Yak

These Students 'Stand with Rand' at Ted Cruz's 2016 Announcement

Transcript: Read Full Text of Sen. Ted Cruz’s Campaign Launch

‘CRUZING’ OUT OF THE GATE - Presidential hopeful launches campaign from Liberty University

Cruz spin: Not a bomb thrower, no “venom… He’s an optimistic guy”

Anti-Abortion Admitting Privileges Laws Are Falling Like Dominoes Across The Nation

Mississippi appeals blocked abortion law to Supreme Court

The Pink House Was Attacked Last Night

8-year-old takes on S.C. lawmakers in bid for state fossil

Creationists Stall Eight-Year-Old Girl’s Idea for State Fossil for South Carolina

Creationist Debate Stalls South Carolina State Fossil Bill

South Carolina and the Mammoth

8-year-old SC student fights for state fossil; lawmakers stall because of the Bible

South Carolina legislator seeks to give God credit for state fossil

Politics, religion almost derail girl's state fossil bill

No State Fossil For South Carolina? Schoolgirl Olivia McConnell's Drive Derailed By Creationists

Idaho salamander bill squashed over federal overreach fears

Rep. Ken Andrus opposes salamander bill, cites childhood aversion

Giant salamander bill passes House on 51-17 vote

Bill Would Add Student To Kentucky Superintendent Search Committees

Transgender bathroom bill lacks votes to move

Thanking God at school? Bill seeks protections

Controversial riders threaten Kentucky student voice bill

Utah Passes Bill Allowing Execution by Firing Squad

Governor: Firing squad a bit gruesome but could be backup

Utah Enacts Firing Squads as Backup Execution Method

Utah governor signs bill making firing squads the state’s backup execution option

Pope to Mafia: Stop the Violence or Go to Hell