Meet Jamie Perino: Owner of Euflora

Jamie Perino may look like a yoga instructor but is, in fact, the owner of Euflora, what she calls, “the Apple Store of Weed.”  

While most dispensaries emulate cigar stores with customers waiting in line to talk to the budtenders behind the counters, Euflora has tablet computers on open tables, each of which describes the THC levels and distinctive effects of the adjacent jar of cannabis.  Her budtenders walk through the open space to answer any questions, a radical approach intended for Euflora to serve more customers at a faster pace.  

In addition, Euflora is the only dispensary in downtown Denver, located on the busy 16th Street Mall, where more than two million visitors a year sip cappuccino, shop for upscale fashions and can now buy marijuana.  It has worked, with lines of tourists out the door from 11am-7pm nearly every day.

Amongst the Pot Barons, Jamie is a bit of an outsider, the new kid in town.  Until Euflora opened in April 2014, she had never operated a dispensary .  She cashed in her 401K and all of her savings from a successful career in the building industry to pursue the life of a Pot Baron.  Having such a desirable location helped Jamie secure a lucrative partnership with what was then called Dixie Elixirs and their extensive product line.  The result has cast Jamie as the new player with a very high profile in the industry.  Her goal is to become the "Marijuana Millionaire Mama", and she’s well on her way.

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