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Ted Nugent's bizarre response to the SOTU

Texas Rep.

Texas Rep. Steve Stockman's controversial State of the Union guest Ted Nugent brought his trademark severe rhetoric back into the spotlight as he took on the "media orgy" in Statuary Hall after the speech.

The aging rocker called Rhode Island Rep. Jim Langevin "s*#t for brains" for his comments that Nugent was an "odd choice for a member of Congress to invite someone who threatened the life of the President."

When asked what it was like sitting in the chamber alongside victims of gun violence, Nugent launched into a confusing rant about "engineered recidivism" and the mental health system.

"Our mental health system has failed so thoroughly that people who have threatened lives and conduct themselves in dangerous abhorrent behavior," he said. "And have been alerted, the officials have been alerted by co-workers, fellow students, mothers and fathers of these mass murderers."

He took on the president too, criticizing his "predicable, flowery, feel good, save the children, end world hunger insanity."

"And then I see him either do nothing, or do the opposite," he said. "I feel horrible that we're going after my guns, instead of stopping crime and dangerous behavior."

When challenged by NBC news reporter Luke Russert over comments he made last year, comparing Democrats like Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton to coyotes who deserve to be shot, Nugent became agitated, cursing at Russert and calling him a liar in vulgar terms.When Russert pressed him to explain what he said, Nugent repeatedly claimed he "never said that," even though he can be seen on camera comparing those Democrats to coyotes who deserve to be shot and have their heads chopped off.


Nugent became even more agitated when asked why he didn't stand in acknowledgement "of the brave men and women of our armed forces" during the address.  His response? "Both of my legs are shattered, I can't get up and down because of the pain," he said. "I'm actually forgoing a double knee replacement today to be here tonight."

He then lumped Russert into the same category as Congressmen Langevin for even asking the question.

It's not the first time Nugent has used a physical ailment as an excuse for his behavior. Last May he blew up at a CBS reporter after he insinuated the rocker wasn't a moderate.

After the interview ended, Nugent's wife urged him to apologize, and he justified his behavior by pointing out he was rushed to the hospital to treat a kidney stone after the outburst.

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