Rev's Early Reads: May 7

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Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist says that "intolerable" and "unfriendly" views toward Pres. Obama are a "big reason" why he left the GOP. (Video)

House GOP votes today on whether to hold a former IRS official in contempt of Congress.

Conservatives float "conspiracy theories" about Monica Lewinsky article, wondering if the Clintons are "getting it out of the way" before 2016.

And of course, Rush Limbaugh claims Lewinsky article proves the Clintons are the ones waging a "war on women."

Phony scandal-mongering goes meta: Fox News now demanding release of White House emails about a Fox News report on Benghazi (!).

GOP NC primary winner claimed in 2011 that we should "divide and conquer the people who are on assistance." (Video)