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Waste Less, Save More

Stocking your fridge using a few good tips will make a dent in food waste and will save you money.
How to Organize Your Fridge

We’ve all reached into the back of the fridge and discovered something no longer identifiable.  Or opened the crisper drawer to find the veggies have transformed into something that looks like it belongs in a science lab. The fact is, Americans waste a quarter of the food they buy each year.  That’s like walking out of the grocery store with four bags and tossing one in the trash before you even get home.  And that adds up.  A family of four throws away more than $1500 in food each year.  Stocking your refrigerator the right way makes a big difference and can add up to significant savings.  The Natural Resources Defense Council has some great tips on how to do it.  Here it is, The Refrigerator Demystified.