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How RBG are you?

Before you tune in to Irin Carmon's exclusive interview with the Supreme Court Justice, we gotta know -- How RBG are YOU?

Tonight's the night -- msnbc's Irin Carmon has an exclusive interview with "Notorious" Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg at 9 p.m. ET on "The Rachel Maddow Show."

Before you tune in, we gotta know: How RBG are YOU?

1. It’s Sunday morning, what are you doing?

a) Reading The New York Times cover-to-cover and getting ahead on a few things for the work-week

b) Watching "Meet the Press"

c) Sleeping in

d) Getting drunk at brunch


2. Your dream outfit is what color?

a) Black

b) Grey

c) Blue

d) Pink


3. You’re finally a senior in undergrad and get first pick of courses for the next semester. What do you register for first?

a) Sexual Health and Reproductive Justice

b) Labor and Employment Law

c) Music Theory

d) Intro to Ceramics


4. What’s your ideal Saturday evening?

a) The opera

b) Dinner and a movie

c) A house party

d) An electronic music set at a dance club


5. Where do you wish you were from?

a) Brooklyn

b) Manhattan

c) Boston

d) Paris


6. What are you eating for dinner next Christmas?

a) Chinese food

b) Thai food

c) Turkey dinner

d) Traditional Christmas ham


7. Your ideal workplace has:

a) All female employees

b) More women than men

c) Half women, half men

d) Mostly male employees


8. You hope to be retired by the age of:

a) I love my career and have no intention of retiring unless absolutely necessary

b) 75

c) 65

d) 50


9. Your Ivy of choice is?

a) Cornell

b) Harvard

c) Princeton

d) Dartmouth


10. How do you approach people who disagree with you politically?

a) I can separate peoples' political beliefs from the rest of their personality

d) I can tolerate people who disagree with me but wouldn’t make an effort to be their friend

c) I’ll give them a chance to win me over

d) I have no interest in spending time with people who have political opinions different than mine


11. Your significant other likes you most for your:

a) Brain

b) Sense of humor

c) Looks

d) Money


If you answered mostly A's, you're THE MOST RBG.

Is this your arm? Or maybe you had something to do with this performance? Your future looks bright. You — like the one, the only, the "Notorious" Ruth Bader Ginsburg — are smart, classy and fierce. Don't forget us when you make it big.

If you answered mostly B's, you're PRETTY DAMN RBG.

Ginsburg would definitely be down to kick it with you in her free time. Maybe you two could ride an elephant together? Perhaps a little parasailing, too? You'd have a lot to talk about, over some fine wine of course.

If you answered mostly C's, you're KINDA RBG.

You're smart and you work hard, but you're just not quite on the same level as the iconic heroine to many. While you're enjoying retirement and sleeping in, 81-year-old Ginsburg is out changing the world. 

If you answered mostly D's, you're NOT AT ALL RBG. 

Sorry pal, you just don't got it.