Dr. Ben Carson plays Operation in new video

Scene from How to Beat Operation with Dr. Ben Carson. (Photo by IJReview)
Scene from How to Beat Operation with Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson is a celebrated pediatric neurosurgeon, but can he beat the children's game Operation?

A new video produced by the Independent Journal Review puts that question to the test. In the clip, Carson dons surgical gloves and deftly manages to navigate the classic game.

"You have to be able to assess the various shapes and sizes of the things that have to be removed. And remove them in such a way that your forceps don't touch any of the edges," Carson says. The conservative GOP presidential candidate takes note that the game's famous patient has "fixed dilated pupils" and he suspects "that his diet has been inappropriate."

"it's a piece of cake," Carson says with a smile after successfully completing the "procedure."

The GOPer even gets in a dig at Obamacare at the end, saying the health care program "probably would require a large deductible" for the Operation patient.

The IJ Review previously put out a satirical video featuring South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham destroying his smartphone after his 2016 GOP rival Donald Trump read his personal phone number out loud at a campaign stop earlier this month.