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Dick Cheney: Romney's 'person of wisdom and judgment'

17 out of 24.

17 out of 24. That’s how many of Mitt Romney's foreign policy advisers were part of the Bush/Cheney administration.

Despite that obvious influence, the former governor of Massachusetts has gone out of his way to eschew the 43rd president and his recent endorsement (delivered from within the closing doors of an elevator), scheduling no events with Bush and stubbornly referring to him on the campaign trail only as his “predecessor."

Not so much with former vice president Dick Cheney, as Rachel Maddow explained on Wednesday: The Romney campaign has scheduled a July fundraiser at Cheney’s home in Wyoming, and is making no secret of it.

Indeed, as Maddow noted, at a campaign event recently, Romney referred to Cheney—one of the most unpopular leading political figures in recent memory— as a "person of wisdom and judgment."

"Who could have predicted that they guy they would decide they're definitely still down with, they still want at the forefront of their party, the one guy they still want flying their flag is Mr. 'Go --- yourself, senator'? I defy you to prove to me that anybody saw this coming," Maddow challenged viewers.