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Chris Murphy crushes Linda McMahon for CT's Senate seat

Chris Murphy just body-slammed Linda McMahon.

Chris Murphy just body-slammed Linda McMahon.

The Democratic congressman handily beat his Republican opponent on Monday night, 63% to 36%, according to the latest exit polling.

McMahon, a former wrestling executive who lost her first bid for the Senate in 2010, has poured gallons of her own money into the campaign—nearly $42 million. She spent about $50 million in 2010.

But Murphy crushed McMahon, especially among women voters. Roughly 57% of women voters cast their ballots for Murphy versus 41% for McMahon.

Murphy also did outstandingly well among young voters. Fifty-eight percent of voters between the ages of 18 and 29 cast their ballot for Murphy compared to 39% for McMahon.

McMahon has been trying to distance herself from Mitt Romney in this reliably blue state, while trying to cast Murphy as just another Washington insider. Clearly, it didn't work.

During his victory speech in Hartford, Murphy declared, “I’m proud to be your next United Senator,” adding “Tonight we proved that what matters most in life is the measure of your ideas, is the measure of your determination, is the measure of your friends, not the measure of your wallet.”

And McMahon, in her concession speech in Stamford, said people of Connecticut keep Murphy in check to make sure he creates jobs and reduces taxes.

"It is our job to make sure he works hard for the people in the state," McMahon said. "If we let him forget that, it is our shame."