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Claire McCaskill: I wouldn't campaign next to Obama

The Missouri senator agreed with other legislators who last week said they wouldn't want President Obama's backing in this year's midterm elections.

Sen. Claire McCaskill said she wouldn't want to campaign next to President Obama during this year's midterm elections.

The Missouri Democrat said her party’s leader would not be handing any favors to vulnerable Democrats, and that she would not likely stump alongside Obama when supporting her colleagues up for re-election in red states.

"Probably not," McCaskill said on Tuesday's Morning Joe. "The president's numbers are not strong in my state or in Arkansas or Louisiana or North Carolina. He did not win those states when he ran for re-election in 2012."

Obama allegedly told Senate Democrats last week that he will remain out of this year's midterm elections if it means helping his party win, a proposal that came nine months before the elections. Supposedly only a few Senate incumbent and challenger candidates said they want Obama’s backing.

"I think this issue of whether or not you have Obama come to your state is something we like to focus on in Washington, but probably is not that important when you get out to these states,” McCaskill said Tuesday.

Sixty-three percent of the country doesn’t have confidence that Obama can make the right choices, according to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll

Unemployment numbers, relations with Syria, the economy, and Obama's implementation of the health care law are a few of the factors leading to Americans' unfavorability of him.

The midterm elections are set for Nov. 4.