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Obama's credibility takes hit after botched health care website rollout

The country is witnessing what will be the "lowest point politically" for President Obama, Sam Stein said on the show.
Barack Obama
President Barack Obama greets audience members on Nov. 13, 2013, at the Interior Department in Washington.

It is no secret that problems with the Obamacare rollout have lessened the public’s trust in the government.

“The credibility of the program has suffered, the credibility of the president has suffered. I think what bothers a lot of Democrats is: ‘Did they learn anything from this?’” Al Hunt, columnist for the Blooomberg View, said Thursday on Morning Joe.

More Americans have lost their insurance plans than have enrolled in coverage. Almost 850,000 applications have been completed, but slightly more than 106,000 people have actually chosen plans through federal or state run exchanges between Oct. 1 and Nov. 2.

The Congressional Budget Office expected more than 450,000 people to sign up during the program’s first month, and 7 million during the first year. In California, a state-run exchange, more than 35,360 individuals have enrolled. Just 42 people have signed up through the federal program in North Dakota.

“What we’re witnessing now is probably the lowest point politically for President Obama and a continuous stream of bad news,” said Sam Stein, political reporter for the Huffington Post.

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