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Sideshow: Darth Vader at a rodeo?

Former Vice President Dick Cheney reveals his "dark side" at a rodeo this week...literally.

Time for the Sideshow!

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, former Vice President Dick Cheney attended a high school rodeo where his granddaughter was competing. When asked about his villainous alter ego, Cheney jumped on the opportunity to unveil one of his most prized possessions: a Darth Vader trailer hitch cover for the back of his truck.

Next up, social media has become crucial for businesses, celebrities, and politicians to reach their bases across the country.  So it becomes a bit of a problem when a politician and his campaign team forget a Facebook password, especially when that politician is running for president.  

Recently, Stephanie Chafee, the wife of former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee, called for help on her personal Facebook page in locating the forgotten password.  According to Bloomberg Politics, the message read "Does anybody from my Husband's staff remember his FB page access?"

In the future, they may want to make a sticky note for those important passwords. 

Finally, summer means it’s time for America’s favorite pastime: celebrity softball games! This past week, Governor Chris Christie, among others, participated in a charity game at Yankee Stadium. From the looks of this video, he made some solid contact while at bat:

Christie was said to be an impressive catcher for his high school team, but he opted to play second base for last week's event.