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Obama needs to focus on jobs, let the GOP focus on scandals

Politics is what you're talking about.

Politics is what you're talking about.

If you're talking about the national debt, bet on Republicans. Same with crime. That's another good one for them. So think Benghazi. Better yet, think IRS. That'll get you votes. Or if nothing else is happening: "They're coming to get your guns!!!"

This is the conversation right now: When we're not talking about the debt, we'll talking about Benghazi.  Or the IRS or here's a standby, Guns! They're coming to get your guns, gone to take 'em right away from you and keep you from getting anymore.

Now, if you're President Obama - or a fellow progressive - I'm thinking - why on earth would you sit around and share in those conversations - how about we talk about how bad we are? Or how we're not quite as bad the right wing conservatives say we are? That's a great way to spend your time: setting up the right to take the next shot at you, sticking your chin out so they can pound you one more time.

I got an idea - Why isn't the President? Why aren't progressive talking about something constructive, Something that would be good for the country, and at the same time, good politics?

We've got a 7.5 percent jobless rate and, let's be realistic, it's not going a whole lot lower during the next three years. If left alone, it might even start rising again.

We've got practically zero percent interest rates out there. We've had a huge drop in public sector employment over the past several years.

So everything is right to tackle the challenge of rebuilding this country. You look at Germany - where I just was - and see state-of-the-art bridges and a super-modern rail system and brand new subways - and you wonder "Who won that war, anyway?" Looks like they did.

You go to France, they've got the Chunnel running right under the English Channel. You're on the continent of Europe in minutes. The French have got trains that go 300-plus miles an hour. We've got that buckboard called "Amtrak."

What's the matter with the Democrats? Why are they sitting on their duffs while this country is just rarin' to go! I am. Aren't you? Or could we have just one more chat about Benghazi?

You tell me.