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Matthews: Romney will do anything to win, no matter who he aligns with

Let me finish tonight where I started.There's a bit of political give in any politician.

Let me finish tonight where I started.

There's a bit of political give in any politician. There are people he or she will ally with, that they wouldn't take to dinner, wouldn't want their kids to marry. Okay, fair enough. Then there's the type that is so scared he might lose, so resolute to win (as Mitt Romney describes himself), so resolute that he'll do anything to win.

Dealing with "birthers" is "doing anything." Showing up on stage with someone who says the President was someone born in another country, that he's a foreigner sitting illegally and mysteriously in the Oval Office? That's "doing anything."

I am proud of this country because it had the stuff to pick someone for President who didn't fit the old limited notion of who it could pick. I'm not proud of having a presidential campaign polluted by "birther-ism." 

Donald Trump is a brilliant, over-the-top showman. He is not responsible for the fate of the country. Mitt Romney wants to be. Siding with the Golden Pubbah of "birther-ism" isn't a good way to prove your political character, which is the ability to say "no" or, in this case, "no thanks" to values you do not share.  

By allying himself with this element, Romney is showing a willingness to do anything to get elected. What should make us think he would be any harder to bed politically once he's in office?