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Lugar's OutAnother moderate gets the boot. Six-term Sen.

Lugar's Out

Another moderate gets the boot. Six-term Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana is the latest Republican moderate to see his career end at the hands of a Tea Party challenger on his right. Last night, Indiana Republicans picked state treasurer Richard Mourdock as their nominee for Senate, ending the distinguished career of a statesman who knew the value of compromise. But compromise is a dirty word in today's Republican party, and Mourdock - who doesn't believe in bipartisanship - capitalized. He also benefited from questions about Lugar's residency, and the general idea that after 36 years in Washington, Lugar had lost touch with Hoosiers. Now things get interesting, as Democrats have a reasonable shot to pick up that Senate seat. But is Mourdock more like Delaware's Christine O'Donnell (who lost) or Wisconsin's Ron Johnson (who won)?


In North Carolina, voters supported a law banning same-sex marriage. And that's exactly why Pres. Obama isn't out too far in front of this issue. If he does what Joe Biden did -- and embraces gay marriage -- he'll have a hard time winning the Tar Heel State come November. It may not be a profile in courage, but it's smart politics -- and last night's vote proves it.


Rematch in Wisconsin: Democratic voters chose Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett to take on embattled Gov. Scott Walker in next month's recall election. It's a rematch of their November 2010 campaign.


The battle for Bill Clinton: Mitt Romney is remembering the halcyon days of... Bill Clinton. In a cynical attempt to win centrist Democrats, Romney's talking up the Clinton era economy, with its balanced budgets and vibrant growth. But Clinton pushed policies - including higher taxes than we have today - that Romney wouldn't dream of advocating.


And why is Michele Bachmann - who famously claimed on Hardball that there are lots of anti-American members of Congress - now a citizen of Switzerland?