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Gitmo must go

Let me finish tonight with this: Gitmo must go.

Matthews: Gitmo must go

May 1, 201300:47

Let me finish tonight with this: Gitmo must go.

But where? That's the scare. Move the prisoners we can put on trial to the states. Okay, but the Republicans won't agree. "Not in my backyard."

Put the prisoners we can't put on trial to other countries. But what country is willing to take them? Or should I say what country do we trust to keep an eye on them?

This is a real problem. In the old days we released prisoners of war when the war was over. They went home. So when's this war going to be over? This "war on terrorism"?

If these were simply criminals, we could prosecute them, incarcerate them, and then let them go. When are we ever going to want to let people go who are determined to go to war with us the day they get out?

I'm open to new ideas.