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Jarvis DeBerry

Jarvis DeBerry is an opinion editor for MSNBC Digital.

Jarvis DeBerry is an opinion editor for MSNBC Digital.

Latest from Jarvis DeBerry

10d ago

We need to stop rewarding colleges for the percentage of applicants they turn away

An uncomfortably large group of Americans who sought a college education may believe they’ve been had.
24d ago

Jackson's water crisis is a racist hostage situation

Mississippi, the state where 'Black Power" was first uttered, struggles to exert some.
28d ago

Dems inciting resentment over student loan forgiveness is unforgivably cowardly

The White House says 90% of those whose students loans will be forgiven make less than $75,000.
33d ago

HBO documentary 'Katrina Babies' isn't the tearjerker you might expect it to be

The film is an example of young Black people wresting the narrative away from the presumed experts.
81d ago

This Black man looking for 'KKK Democrats' has his sights set on the wrong party

Calling Democrats Klansmen is similar to accusing Trump's opponents of storming the Capitol, except it goes deeper than that.
105d ago

How America continues to embarrass itself in its attempts to handle Covid

Congressional Republicans can block Covid funding without fear because their voters think the country has spent too much fighting Covid.
115d ago

Why Biden's focus on AR-15s wasn't the speech Americans most needed to hear

It’s not the scariest looking weapons that are being used to kill the most children.
150d ago

Every generation of Black Americans has had a Rodney King moment

Confidence that the courts will dispense justice to Black victims feels just as foolish 30 years later.
171d ago

Conservatives' appropriation of MLK just reached a shocking new low

Conservatives have made a habit of invoking the name of Martin Luther King to scold Black people.
185d ago

Donald Trump, stuck in the past, demands the GOP stay stuck with him

Trump is temperamentally incapable of moving on. But he won't let Republicans move on either.
200d ago

Mark Meadows voter fraud allegations make Trump's big lie an even greater outrage

There's no good reason to believe the White House chief of staff's domicile was a mobile home he didn't own.