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Jarvis DeBerry

MSNBC Opinion Editor

Jarvis DeBerry is an opinion editor for MSNBC Daily.

Jarvis DeBerry is an opinion editor for MSNBC Daily.

Latest from Jarvis DeBerry

6d ago

Justice Jackson visited this holy civil rights site to remember and to rebuke

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson defended the accurate teaching of history at Birmingham's 16th Street Baptist Church where four girls were murdered 60 years ago.
22d ago

Ron DeSantis denied human-caused climate change. Idalia wanted a word.

Hurricane Idalia hit Florida as a Category 3 storm Wednesday morning a week after Gov. Ron DeSantis denied the existence of human-caused climate change.
83d ago

The 'thin blue line' will never be a match for the kinds of guns being sold in America

Scot Peterson, an officer assigned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, was found not guilty of neglecting children killed there in 2018.
115d ago

Why Joe Biden's struggle with Black voters still isn't good news for Donald Trump

Bidens' policies have made no difference to Black people's lives, half of Black adults say in a Washington Post / Ipsos poll. But they'd be angry if Trump won.
120d ago

Making students believe they’re about to die is not a lockdown drill. It’s abuse.

A year after a teenager killed 19 students and two teachers in Uvalde, Texas, there's a debate over whether some lockdown drills are more harmful than helpful.
133d ago

Tommy Tuberville's remark about enlisted white nationalists is an abdication of duty

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville's indefensible remarks about white nationalists serve as just the latest example of GOP members siding with extremists.
141d ago

Tucker Carlson is wrong — this is exactly ‘how white men fight’

A text message from Tucker Carlson concerning "how white men fight" led to his dismissal and to Fox News settling with Dominion, The New York Times reports.
156d ago

Ralph Yarl is yet another Black victim of America’s ‘shoot first’ mentality

Ralph Yarl deserved the benefit of the doubt. Andrew Lester, the man who police say admitted to shooting him, did not.
161d ago

I have a dream that one day Tucker Carlson will shut up about Rep. Justin J. Pearson

After Tennessee Rep. Justin J. Pearson was reinstated, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson attacked the member of the Tennessee Three's style of public speaking.
164d ago

Missouri GOP proposes a frighteningly efficient way to ban books

The Republican attack on books reaches a new and frightening low as Missouri GOP lawmakers push for a budget that does not provide state funding for libraries.
173d ago

Glenn Youngkin dials Virginia’s voting rights policy back to Jim Crow

Gov. Glenn Youngkin has decided to choose which Virginians convicted of felonies should be allowed to vote.