The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Transcript 06/08/15

Kasie Hunt, Eugene Robinson, Joy Reid, Jahda Bakari, Jordan Gray, Maurice Gray, Sherrilyn Ifill

RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC: Now it`s time for THE LAST WORD with Lawrence
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LAWRENCE O`DONNELL, HOST, THE LAST WORD: Rachel, so much screaming –

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O`DONNELL: It was – it was pretty great.

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to stop –

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Well, this weekend, Scott Walker did his best to win the Harley-Davidson
vote, and by now, you`ve probably seen the video that got a Texas police
officer suspended for using excessive force against a 15-year-old girl.

We have witnesses to that event. Joining us tonight including another girl
who got police officer pushed in that video.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The officer on leave tonight after he was caught on
camera –

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A cell phone video shows a police officer pulling his
gun on teenagers at a pool party.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Rolled onto the scene literally –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, it was as if out of control –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Renewing the debate over police and the use of force –


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re not looking at Davenport situation, you`re
looking at a bunch of teenagers at a pool party.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They say in Iowa, if you build it, they will come.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Senator Joni Ernst –

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Gathered seven presidential contenders –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker hogged most of the

ALEX WAGNER, MSNBC: Not a sweater vest, but a leather motorcycle jacket –

SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R), FLORIDA: My mum was always terrified of motorcycles

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lindsey Graham is out this weekend too and made some
really interesting comments –

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R), SOUTH CAROLINA: If Caitlyn Jenner wants to be a
Republican, she is welcome in my party –

WAGNER: I feel like he is violating all kinds of Republican rules.


JON STEWART, COMEDIAN & TELEVISION HOST: Then there`s the – what do you
call it? The guy from “Family Guy”.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This past weekend was Barbara Bush`s birthday, that`s
why Jeb Bush wasn`t there.

BARBARA BUSH, FORMER FIRST LADY: My boy, I think he is brilliant.

human being and fish can co-exist peacefully.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I assume you mean Jeb.

BUSH: Right.


O`DONNELL: Republican Lindsey Graham is the only presidential candidate
who went to Iowa this weekend to campaign for votes in California.
Actually, he was campaigning for just one vote in California.


GRAHAM: Caitlyn –


GRAHAM: Jenner wants to be safe and have a prosperous economy, vote for
me. I`m into addition. I haven`t walked in her shoes.

I don`t have all of the answers to the mysteries of life. I can only
imagine the torment that Bruce Jenner went through. I hope he`s – I hope
she has found peace.

I`m a pro-life traditional marriage kind of guy, but I`m running to be
president of the United States. If Caitlyn Jenner wants to be a
Republican, she is welcome in my party.


O`DONNELL: Lindsey Graham did not say which gender he thinks Caitlyn
Jenner should be banned from marrying. No candidate who wants to re-fight
the Iraq war more than Lindsey Graham.

There is no candidate who wants to do that more than he does. Which is
presenting quite a challenge to other Republican candidates.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Some are out there like Lindsey Graham saying we should
send ten thousand U.S. ground troops right now to Iraq to help with this
fight. Do you favor that?

GOV. SCOTT WALKER (R), WISCONSIN: No, I think we shouldn`t rule anything
out, I think that`s a big mistake this president`s made here and elsewhere
about saying how long we would go or how much we would invest?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you rule out a full-blown U.S. reinvasion of Iraq
and Syria?

WALKER: I don`t think – I don`t think we should ever send a message to
our – to our foes as to how far we`re willing to go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, you wouldn`t rule out a full-blown reinvasion –

WALKER: I would not rule out boots on the ground. I think –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m asking would you rule out a full-blown reinvasion
of Iraq?

WALKER: If the national interests of this country are at stake, here at
risk in this country or abroad, that`s to me the standard of what we do for
military engagement.


O`DONNELL: Iowa Senator Joni Ernst tells what she hopes to be her first
annual “Roast and Ride” this weekend. The ride was from Des Moines to
Boone with Joni Ernst on her 2009 Harley-Davidson Softail Deluxe.

The only presidential hopeful who joined her was Scott Walker on a rented
2015 Harley-Davidson Road King.

Scott Walker`s state of Wisconsin is the original corporate home of Harley-
Davidson and remains of course the only location where Harley-Davidson`s
engines are manufactured.

Six other candidates joined Senator Ernst for the roast part of the
program, which was of course a pig roast.

While Scott Walker was in Iowa, back in Wisconsin, the state`s Democrats
met in a 511-delegate convention where the results of a straw poll showed
50 percent of those Democratic delegates voting for a Democrat not named

Hillary Clinton got 49 percent of the delegates votes, Bernie Sanders got
41 percent, Joe Biden got 3 percent, Martin O`Malley got 3 percent, Jim
Webb got 2 percent, Lincoln Chafee got 1 percent.

Those have been the only names that the delegates had on their ballots.
But four delegates wrote in the name Elizabeth Warren.

Joining us now, Joy Reid, Eugene Robinson and Kasie Hunt who is just back
from Iowa.

And so the – Marco Rubio, the loser of the Harley primary saying he is –
actually in his life never been on a motorcycle of any kind at any time?

said he`s more of a water-sport guy, he –


HUNT: Has been on a jet ski in case you`re wondering, but no, his mother
traumatized them as he said with motorcycles and he refused to –

O`DONNELL: OK, so that explains why he didn`t have a motorcycle until he
was, like, you know, 18. The mother is in shock –


Go ahead, come on, Eugene, I mean, you know –

for the Republican presidential nomination, you really need to learn to
ride a motorcycle –


ROBINSON: It`s like – oh, you know – or at least claim that you –

O`DONNELL: Yes, what kind of American –

HUNT: Well, at least he`s not inauthentic, we didn`t call attention to
claim that – remember when Mitt Romney claimed he hunted frequently?

O`DONNELL: Right –

HUNT: But you know –

ROBINSON: More (INAUDIBLE) says something –



Marco Rubio say that all I could hear was sort of the sound of a – of a
thousand little beltway hearts breaking. Because there`s no one that the
beltway loves more than Marco Rubio.

They want him so badly to be Ronald Reagan, he`s just coming up like a C
movie level at this –

O`DONNELL: Well, you know, as an owner of multiple Harley-Davidsons in my
youth, I think I call it, I was very interested in your question to Scott
Walker about his own personal Harley back home.

Let`s listen to that.


WALKER: Mine is a 100 – excuse me, 100th anniversary edition, so you know
on the – so, it has a black stripe down the middle, and I have a few
scratches on it, so I have a few stickers that look like bullet holes.

But –


WALKER: People always ask if they`re real –


WALKER: And I tell people –

HUNT: Well –

WALKER: Yes, they were real I wouldn`t be here.



O`DONNELL: So, he`s a real – he`s a real Harley guy –

HUNT: He`s not trying to paint himself –


HUNT: As a –

O`DONNELL: He wasn`t faking it, he actually owns one.

HUNT: No, he does actually own one. He started riding when he was a
county executive in Wisconsin, one of his first political posts, he says he
got the bug, and of course, I think you know, it helps politically to be –

O`DONNELL: OK, I personally could stay on the Harley thing all night.


I can show you pictures.


Well, but I guess we should move on to the adult – fast one –

ROBINSON: Probably –

O`DONNELL: Of this. Joy, the Lindsey Graham moving out there in the zone
where no other Republican rushed into. They just thought, you know what?
I`m going to leave that one California vote to him.

REID: Yes, I don`t understand what Lindsey Graham`s positioning is, like
who is his constituency? Because he does seem to be trying to take the most
unelectable positions possible.

Now, within his party, the one thing I would give him is that when, you
know, Caitlyn Jenner was Bruce Jenner, Bruce Jenner was a Republican.

So he may not actually have to do much to sell Caitlyn Jenner because I do
believe that he`s already got that vote or at least the party already has
it –


REID: In theory.

O`DONNELL: And Eugene, he is leaning the debate on what we do in Iraq.
And he`s all for –


O`DONNELL: Going back in with a minimum of 10,000 men, we`ll see how many
we need from there –


O`DONNELL: And then you see Scott Walker trying to kind of straddle this
going up –

ROBINSON: Well, everybody else is trying to straddle – I say –


ROBINSON: God bless Lindsey Graham. I don`t agree with his prescription
for Iraq, but he`s very clear, he says this is what we need to do, if you
think otherwise, don`t vote for me.

If you think – you know, if you want to get out of Iraq anytime soon,
don`t vote for me. I think that is an extraordinary thing.

And actually, in extraordinary addition to the debate, because somebody is
being honest about the option other than what President Obama is doing,

With this kind of trying to muddle through –


O`DONNELL: They should do it – which one of these Republican campaigns is
most reluctant to go into that zone Lindsey Graham has opened up, which is
how many troops do you want to send back into Iraq?

HUNT: Jeb Bush, I think. Just because if he weighs into this in a real
way, I mean, obviously, we`ve heard him talk about whether Iraq was a

They had to answer that question for days before they finally figured out
how to get it right. But the moment he starts to walk down that path, I
think one thing about Lindsey Graham, I think it`s a huge mistake to
underestimate him.

He`s an extraordinarily smart politician with a very good sense of the –
of the universe that he is living in. And he`s not out there on a limb
saying this.

I mean, yes, he truly believes it, but he also knows that`s where the party
is. And I think it`s a dangerous place for Jeb Bush as he tries to first
navigate the primary and then go on to a general election about – against
Hillary Clinton with a country that doesn`t necessarily want to relitigate
this war.

ROBINSON: I mean, it`s the first thing because we got these two Republican
candidates saying really transgressive things in a way. Lindsey Graham
over here and you`ve got Rand Paul over here.

It`s a – it`s a fascinating time to be a Republican, I imagine.

REID: Most of them don`t have –

O`DONNELL: Yes, when Bernie Sanders had his big announcement, I found
myself comparing him to Eugene McCarthy, maybe possibly it could turn out
that way.

In this straw poll in Wisconsin, Joy, it did. He “won”, if you use the old
Gene McCarthy versus LBJ math.


O`DONNELL: He won with 41 percent of the vote holding Hillary Clinton to
49 –

HUNT: Yes –

O`DONNELL: If you add up the votes that did not vote for Hillary, it`s
one-point more than did vote for her. That wasn`t a great showing for her.

REID: No, and I think – but early on, the people who were the most
interested paying attention to this early on are going to be the more
conservative Republicans and the more liberal Democrats.

And definitely there is a market among liberal Democrats and very liberal
Democrats for an alternative to Hillary Clinton, as hard as she`s trying to
win over the left.

I think when we get closer to the, you know, the nuts and bolts of the
primary and people are trying to decide who can win a national election,
you`re going to see something different.

But this early on, this is an opportunity I think, for liberal Democrats,
particularly those who are very fixated on the Wall Street issue to make
their voices heard.

Sort of the Elizabeth Warren –

ROBINSON: Yes, and –

REID: This –

ROBINSON: If I had a nickel for every straw – Republican straw poll that
Rand Paul –

REID: Yes –


ROBINSON: I have quite a few nickels –

REID: Yes –

ROBINSON: I believe –


HUNT: I mean –

O`DONNELL: Kasie, they know –


Most delegates know we`re watching it, we`re going to report it –

HUNT: Yes –

O`DONNELL: And they know when they cast that vote for Bernie Sanders, they
– are they just – is it – is it – is it the Clinton`s campaign belief
that those people are just trying to send a message and they`re all going
to eventually fall in line with the Clinton campaign?

HUNT: I think that there is demand, if you look in the polling, there is
demand among particularly white Democrats for an alternative to Hillary

Maybe they support her, but they want to see her have a race. But I just
have to say, this reminds me so much of the Republican primary in 2012.

Both the media and to a certain extent the base of the – to a large
extent, the base of the Republican Party really wanted somebody other than
Mitt Romney.

Anybody other than Mitt Romney, and I think it`s something similar here. I
mean, at the end of the day, we all knew Mitt Romney was going to become
the nominee.

It was a question of how long that was going to drag out. I think it`s
similar on the Democratic side this time.

O`DONNELL: But Joy, this is a more serious band of candidates, these are
all real people who have real thoughts about these issues. You don`t have
any, you know, Herman Cain types in here.

REID: Well, yes, I mean on the Democratic side, you have a lot of people
who have absolutely no chance, I mean you`re not clear what their –

O`DONNELL: Right –

REID: Constituency is, you know, the former senator from Rhode Island
comes to mind, but I do think when you look at Bernie Sanders, he is
filling a void that Elizabeth Warren is absolutely not going to fill no
matter how many times people ask her.

And Bernie Sanders filled that void. What makes him interesting is that as
you go into those first four important primary in Iowa, he could actually
have an unusually large showing.

Do we think he`s going to be here in a primary? It doesn`t appear so, but
the problem I think Kasie touched on is that when you start to get to like
South Carolina, Hillary Clinton`s constituency is also very strongly

And one of the things about the Bernie Sanders moment is that he doesn`t
have a broad ethnic base beyond white, liberal Democrats.

HUNT: Right –

ROBINSON: So look at New Hampshire.

O`DONNELL: All right, we`re going to have to leave it there for tonight,
Kasie Hunt, thank you for asking the Harley-Davidson questions, I would
like to get –


O`DONNELL: The complete motorcycle resume of every candidate out there.

HUNT: Hey, we didn`t talk about Rick Perry. I got some great –

O`DONNELL: Yes, he –


HUNT: So, get ready to –


O`DONNELL: He was the only other one who was on a motorcycle –


HUNT: He was the only other one on a motorcycle –

O`DONNELL: But he didn`t do the –

HUNT: Yes –

O`DONNELL: Big ride –

HUNT: He did a ride with veterans, actually, the bike that he rode
belonged to a veteran who lost all four limbs in IED attack in Iraq.

So, he had a very good – they had several hundred people turn out to ride
with him –

O`DONNELL: OK, he was on a different one, OK, we`re going to take a break.
Coming up, that disturbing video of that police officer who trying to
arrest a teenage girl – there he is there, beating her.

We`re going to be joined by one of the girls who you see in that video who
was also pushed by that police officer, and also other witnesses to what
happened there. That`s coming up.


O`DONNELL: The longest-serving Republican speaker of the House of
Representatives will make his first court appearance tomorrow.

Dennis Hastert is charged with violating banking laws and lying to the FBI
allegedly in a scheme to secretly pay someone $3.5 million to keep quiet
about sexual molestation while Hastert was a high school wrestling coach.

Coming up next, that Texas police officer is suspended tonight after that
video emerged showing his reaction to kids leaving a pool party there.

Two of the teens who were there will join me next. One of them was pushed
by that police officer. That`s coming up.


O`DONNELL: A one-man police riot broke out in McKinney, Texas, when
officers were called to a disturbance at a community swimming pool party.

Once again, cell phone video is the only reason we`re talking about this
tonight. It`s the only reason we know what happened at the scene,
beginning with one of the strangest police maneuvers yet caught on video.





O`DONNELL: That police officer was not tripped by anyone on the scene. He
may – he may have been tripped by a root or something on the ground under
him, or he may have just decided to do a flip for dramatic effect as he
began his rampage in that neighborhood.

While other officers responded with calm dealing with the situation,
Corporal Eric Casebolt, a ten-year veteran of the McKinney police force was
completely out of control.

Screaming orders that had absolutely no legal authority and detaining
people for no reason with no legal authority and beating to the ground a
15-year-old girl because he didn`t like the sound of her voice.



CASEBOLT: OK, guys, I appreciate –

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, no more involved –



CASEBOLT: Who was in it? –

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who was involved –

CASEBOLT: There you go –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It was just guys, it was that guy –


CASEBOLT: Get on the ground!


CASEBOLT: I told you, stay! Get your asses down on the ground!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let`s go right, did you hear, Brian(ph)? He`s one of
the – right, problem with the pink top –

CASEBOLT: Get on the grass!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, but we`re hoping –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Think, you watch out –

CASEBOLT: Who won`t sit on the ground? Get your ass out of here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I didn`t do anything –


CASEBOLT: Get back here –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I didn`t even do anything, I was reading in here –


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Georgio(ph)! Georgie(ph)!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You can pass(ph) here, man –




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let`s go, all right –


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We just got here –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sir, we just came to a birthday party, please –

CASEBOLT: We`ll figure out now –


CASEBOLT: Right now, you stay, don`t make me – with 30 pounds of – damn
gear on the sun because you all screw around out here?

Don`t be standing there running your mouth, you`re going to go, too. Get
out of here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, let`s go –

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I didn`t see my watch –

CASEBOLT: I don`t care, please –


CASEBOLT: You`re leaving now! You`re leaving now! You are leaving now!



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is my home –

CASEBOLT: Get out of the way!



CASEBOLT: And get your ass gone!


Keep on running your mouth!



CASEBOLT: You`re what?!

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Jeffrey, what the – is going on? Because I feel – I
feel –






Call my mama! Call my mama! Oh, God!




CASEBOLT: What do you think? Hey (INAUDIBLE) –



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You all feel me, man –

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK? But just chill off –


CASEBOLT: You know what? I did –



CASEBOLT: Plus, out of here –

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s my – that`s my cousin –


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He pulled out his gun –


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Abuse, you know that, right?

CASEBOLT: Get out of here or you`re going too!


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is crazy, man –


CASEBOLT: You`re going to jail if you don`t knock it off.



O`DONNELL: Joining us now, Jahda Bakari and Jordan Gray who both attended
that pool party and witnessed everything that happened there.

And joining them is Maurice Gray, Jordan`s father. First of all, Jahda,
you`re on that video that we just saw, we`ll show it again at a certain

What – first of all, tell us what happened at the party that created a
situation where the police were called?

JAHDA BAKARI, RESIDENT, MCKINNEY, TEXAS: During the party, we were kept
there – the worker that worked at the pool continued to come over to our
group of people, the party, and asking us about the pool passes that we had
and how many people were with one pool pass.

Because apparently there was a rule that you could only have two people per
pool pass, but we had never been told about that before because I`ve lived
in Fair Grant(ph) for a few years and no one has ever abided by that rule

So, we didn`t really believe the worker when he told us that you can only
have two people. So after he came by the first time, we – like, still
were just having fun in the pool, and then he came back again and started
asking us about – talking to us about horse-playing.

But then I told him, I said, you know there`s other – there is the – you
see these white kids horse-playing, and then he continued to just ignore
that and then continued talking to us about horse-playing.

And then that`s when we started getting kind of upset because he was only
coming to us about – like the pool passes and everything.

Then we asked him about how come he didn`t ask anyone else at the pool
about their pool passes because most of the other people there were

So then that`s when he went around and asked them about the pool passes.
And that`s kind of how – like it all began.

And then, there also, then later on during the party, a group of black men
were – young men, were at the gate of the pool.

And they were trying to get let in, but we didn`t know who they were and we
weren`t with them at the party and everything, so we didn`t let them in and
we told no one to let them in.

So then, they went to the side of the pool and then started hopping the
fence, and that`s when, like, some of the parents started complaining about

And after we told them that we weren`t even with them, they still continued
to – guess, assumed that we were.

So, that`s, like, the women that were – like the parents that were
complaining, that`s – they called the cops and then that`s when the cops
began coming.

O`DONNELL: And Jordan Gray, when did you leave the party? Did you – did
you leave when that situation started to get out of hand?

JORDAN GRAY, RESIDENT, MCKINNEY, TEXAS: Yes, once the situation started to
get out of hand, I start to leave the party in a quiet manner.

O`DONNELL: And Jordan, you were there with your mother, weren`t you?

GRAY: Yes sir, I was there with my mother at the time on the scene.

O`DONNELL: And Maurice Gray, your wife was there with – I think, more of
your children, not just Jordan, is that right?

MAURICE GRAY, RESIDENT, MCKINNEY, TEXAS: Yes, it`s correct. She was there
with five of my kids, ranging from 6 to 16.

O`DONNELL: And you actually went to the scene once you heard what was
happening there. Maurice, what did you find when you went to the scene?

GRAY: Yes, basically, I actually noticed that my wife, she gave me a phone
call while I was proceeding to home, and she informed me that she was
already at a pool party and everything was working out fine.

They had a DJ, you know, food, and they finally looked at – when I got the
second phone call, she informed me that police was there breaking up the
pool party because unruly kids, they were kind of chasing down kids and
trying to – I guess get the situation at hand.

O`DONNELL: And when you responded to the scene there after the fact, had
you already seen video of what happened there?

GRAY: No, actually, I arrived at home first, and I noticed – my niece
informed me that she was struck by an officer, and I just told her to get
in the car.

And that`s when we found out all the video at that time and the – actually
the other girl that actually was involved getting her face thrown to the

I met with her dad, and he was kind of a little bit distraught because this
was the first that he heard about it and saw the video.

O`DONNELL: All right, we`re going to take a break here, when we come back,
Jahda is going to tell us about her encounter with that police officer who
is now suspended. We`ll be right back after this break.


O`DONNELL: We`re back with Jahda Bakari, Jordan Gray and Maurice Kit Gray,
coming to us from Texas. Jahda, I want to show a video that you shot while
this was going on. Let`s take a look at that.

All right, we`re going to hold off on that. Control room`s not ready for
that. I want to go back to the video we showed earlier, which shows you in
it, Jahda.

I think we`ve isolated a piece of it. If the control room has that one
ready to go, we`ll take a look at that to see where you were positioned in
relation to this police officer while this was going on.


No sound on this? OK, that – OK, that – that`s – that`s Jahda there in
the bikini, the white bottom and the gray top. OK, we can come back here.


Jahda, do you know the girl that the police officer grabbed and pulled to
the ground and got on top of her.

JAHDA BAKARI, WITNESS TO POOL PARTY CHAOS: I know of her. I just met her
then, but I`ve heard about her.

O`DONNELL: Yes. And so, what was she saying. What could you hear her say
while that was going on.

BAKARI: Well, while he was assaulting her, she was mostly telling people
to call her mother. And she was saying, “Help me,” like mostly cries for

O`DONNELL: And that –


– when the police officer went after her, that he – the only thing we can
see on the video that makes him go after her is he doesn`t like that she is
speaking. Was there any other thing that you saw that made him go after

BAKARI: I honestly don`t believe that it was – like, I don`t think there
was any other reason because he was already upset from the beginning
whenever someone would say something. Because he yelled at me constantly
for talking as well.

But, like, she was walking away, she was going. She was leaving like he
told her to do.


But then, he ran after her Because she was running her mouth. But you
could hear her say, “Someone call my mom,” when he grabbed her and put her
back into the scene.

O`DONNELL: And Jahda, what did the police officer do to you.

BAKARI: When after he yanked her, I was like walking across the street,
because I was standing at the scene –


– when my – because my friend left her glasses in the pool area and we
were waiting to go get them. And the police officer said – told her to
leave – told us to leave.

And then she said that her glasses were there. And he said he didn`t care.
And then, that`s what – and he said we needed to go home.

So, I pointed in the direction of my house. And then he said, “No, go the
other way.” So, I still tried walking in the direction of my house so I
could get home, like he told me to do.

And then he used his, like, baton or stick or something and hit me in the
arm with it. It wasn`t like a – like a bash but it was like – it was
hard enough that I could have bruised from it.

O`DONNELL: Maurice –

BAKARI: And then, –

O`DONNELL: Go ahead.


O`DONNELL: Go ahead, Jahda.

BAKARI: Oh, oh. So, like I started walking away. And I was halfway
across the street when I turned around and I saw him pulled – pull her,
because, like I heard a lot of commotion going on, and I turned around, and
I saw him pull her onto the concrete.

And that`s when I ran back over. And then I tried reaching for her. I
didn`t touch him.

I reached for her to help her. And then he hit me in the face.

O`DONNELL: He hit you in the face with his or –

BAKARI: Yes, with his hand. He punched me.


O`DONNELL: Maurice Gray, when you heard about this happening, and when you
were collecting this information after the fact of what happened, what was
your reaction, your personal reaction to this.

MAURICE GRAY, WITNESS TO POOL PARTY CHAOS: The first thing, when I arrived
home, I actually found about it, I actually put her back in the car and
went around and I asked for the chief once I got back on the scene.

And they told me there was no chief on the scene. The officer that was
there, that was a supervisor. So, I took her mother that would came later.

And they talked to the supervisor, but what`s kind of disturbing, we showed
the supervisor the video, and the supervisor stated that, you know, there
was nothing wrong that was done in the video.

O`DONNELL: Jordan Gray, did you see any moment where that police officer
was threatened by anyone.

JORDAN GRAY, WITNESS TO POOL PARTY CHAOS: No, sir. I don`t see where he
had been threatened by anybody in any case.

O`DONNELL: And, you know, when I`m watching the video, Jordan, it doesn`t
make sense to me how he decides to go after some people and not go after

There are some people who he orders to sit down, and then others, he
doesn`t. Did it make any more sense when you were there.

JORDAN GRAY: It didn`t make any sense at all. It just seemed like the
officer was very out of control when he was trying to handle the situation.

O`DONNELL: Jahda Bakari, Jordan Gray and Maurice Gray, thank you all for
joining us tonight. It`s been very helpful. Thank you very much.

BAKARI: Yes, you`re welcome.

MAURICE GRAY: Thank you.

BAKARI: Thank you.

O`DONNELL: We`re going to be back after a break. You will hear from Joy
Reid, Eugene Robinson and Sherrilyn Ifill about their reaction to this.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE TEENAGER: Someone call my mama now.




O`DONNELL: We`re joined now by Sherrilyn Ifill. She`s the President and
Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and a professor at the University
of Maryland School of Law.

Back with us, Eugene Robinson and Joy Reid.

Sherrilyn, I want to get your legal perspective of what happened there.
But, in this last commercial break, we just had the most televisable
discussion we`ve ever had during commercial break.

Three parents looking at that video. And, as you put it, Sherrilyn, doing
a slow burn.

infuriating. It`s absolutely – I tell you, I come to this as a civil
rights lawyer, I also come this as a mom of three daughters.

And I have not been able to collect myself since watching this video.
Every time I see that man sitting on that baby and hear her crying for her
mother, and his sense that he`s accomplished something, his sense that he
has somehow controlled the scene by sitting on a 14-year-old girl, –


– it is nauseating. It`s sickening. And you`re watching somebody, a
grown man out of control.

He`s like the worst out-of-control school resource officer but fully armed,
running through a crowd, doing this bizarre role like he`s a television
private detective, yelling at these children and exerting a level of
control that is completely disproportionate to the situation.

The drawing of the gun moment is really important, Lawrence, because a,
it`s a testament to how out of control he is. But it shows you how close
many of our children are to absolute peril because it can go so quickly.

Even his colleagues rushed over –


IFILL: – and grabbed him because –


IFILL: – they knew it was out of control, which is, maybe the good news
of the story.



IFILL: But that`s the reality. In that moment he`s drawn that gun, what
could have happened.


IFILL: Now, his colleagues come and grabbed him. But then, after they
grabbed him, they go running off after the two young men.

On what charge. On what lawlessness. What law did we see any of those
children break. I don`t see them disturbing the peace.

I looked at the statute, the local statute in McKinney, I don`t see them
disturbing the peace. I don`t see them fighting in public.

I heard that there was a fight between an adult and a child but I don`t see
those people detained.


I don`t see anything that constitutes an actual, you know, breaking of the
law in some way that justifies even the young boys who are being held on
the ground.

One might say crowd control, except, if in fact there were too many
children at the pool party, what you wanted them to do was leave, not sit
and detain them and –


– hold them.


IFILL: You hear the boy saying, “Sir, we just came here to a party. Sir,
we just – we don`t understand what`s going on.”

But they must sit and they must be silent because he said so and he has a


Anyone who`s concerned about big government, anyone who`s concerned about,
you know, lawlessness of the government, should be concerned about that

O`DONNELL: Yes, Joy, Texas, this is the state where some of those people
are panicked that, perhaps, the United States Army, which has been
stationed in Texas –


– since it has been a state, –


O`DONNELL: – is there to invade. But they`re not – they don`t seem to
be outraged about this.

But, to Sherrilyn`s point, it is nothing but luck. It`s nothing but luck
that has us sitting here, talking about a situation where no one was shot.

REID: Yes, actually, at that level of rage – and you saw this a lot on
social media when this broke. People were saying, the sad truth is that
we`re all thankful that he, in the active level he was at, didn`t just fire
his weapon.


REID: And I spoke with the father and also with the attorney of the young
man that he pointed that gun at – one of the two that he pointed that gun


And that is what the father said, too, that he was thankful that he – for
the officers, for one thing, that they did sort of pull him back.
Remember, he was their supervisor.

So, when they took off after those two young men, it`s because he ordered
them to go after them.

O`DONNELL: Yes. He was the one with stripes on his sleeves.

REID: Exactly. And the one young man who was charged, what he`s been
charged with is evading and interfering with an officer.


But he didn`t interfere with an arrest because no one else was arrested.
Only him.

And then, the other question becomes, will that then become the
justification for pulling his weapon, that he`ll try to claim that the two
boys somehow had him in fear for his life.

These were children in swimming trunks and flip-flops.


REID: And we were talking, as you said in the break, as a parent who`s
taken my children to a lot of pool parties – the parents don`t typically
stay – and who`s thrown a lot of pool parties for my kids.

And, normally, the parents drop the kids off as this has been an excuse to
be without their kids for four hours.


And the parents leave. There`s usually one, two parents on site.

And one quick thing – in this case, there was a parent there. There were
at least two parents there the whole time.

The police officers don`t appear to have sought out those parents. The mom
who threw this party for her two daughters – one who`s 18 and one who`s a
bit younger, I think 14 or 15 –


– was there and said that the police officers did not try to talk to her.
She was the adult that was in charge. But the police officers went
charging at the children.

O`DONNELL: And, Gene, the fact that the kids were all in bathing suits
makes this so much worse on every level. First of all, the suspicion

There`s no mystery about what they have.

ROBINSON: Exactly.

O`DONNELL: It`s a 15-year-old girl in bathing suit.

ROBINSON: Exactly.

O`DONNELL: She`s got nothing. There is no way you way –

ROBINSON: There`s no –

O`DONNELL: You can look at them, you know they have nothing.

ROBINSON: Right. There`s nothing there.

O`DONNELL: Right. And then there`s this kind of horrible pornographic
component of it when you see the way he`s treating her.

ROBINSON: Yes. That`s awful. I mean, it is cinematic, this video, and it
goes through this – part of it is almost comic, the way he does the sort
of role on the entry, –

O`DONNELL: Yes, if it stopped –

ROBINSON: – like some sort of mad Inspector Clouseau, you know, expert in
crowd megger (ph) or something. But, you know, when has there been a pool
party where too many people didn`t show up, you know, on a hot day.

I don`t know. I`ve never heard that pool party.

When do you – when do you charge into a situation like that with the
attitude that he came, which was, you know, “I`m going to crack some heads.
I`m going to establish some order around here,” and, I guess, “by myself
and shoot people if necessary.”

I don`t know. It`s just –

IFILL: How was this –

ROBINSON: How was this guy a police officer.

IFILL: How was he trained. I mean, part of the training –

O`DONNELL: Well, the training means nothing.

IFILL: Well, –

O`DONNELL: This is one of those cases to show you –

IFILL: He`s a trainer. That`s to say he`s a trainer.

O`DONNELL: The training means nothing.

IFILL: You`re absolutely right. You`re absolutely right. Because your
job is to diffuse the situation, especially when you`re dealing with
teenagers, right.

He`s churning up at everything the teenagers were saying to him as though
he`s at the same age they are.


O`DONNELL: Right, right.

IFILL: And he`s running after them because he doesn`t like what they`re

O`DONNELL: Right, right.

IFILL: This is out of control.

REID: You know, we left out, very quickly, that the preceding event was
that, apparently, there were adults who were unhappy with the racial
composition –

ROBINSON: Yes, yes. Right.

REID: – of the party, and who called the police, and who even physically
interacted, –


REID: – physically fought teenagers, adults. None of them were charged.

O`DONNELL: Yes. We`re going to take a break here.

Sherrilyn Ifill, Joy Reid, Eugene Robinson, thank you very much for joining
this dispiriting conversation.

I agree with you. When I first saw this thing, I didn`t even want to talk
about it. I had a few days to think about it. Coming up, –


– if you judge parents by their children, Joe Biden should be judged very



The manhunt continues in New York State tonight for two prisoners who
escaped from a maximum security prison over the weekend. Richard Matt and
David –


– Sweat, both convicted murderers, escaped by using power tools to tunnel
out of the Clinton Correctional Facility.

Tonight, police surrounded a boarded-up building that is very close to the
prison. But then, they left.

Two separate law enforcement sources have told NBC affiliate, WPTZ, that
they believed the getaway car that was supposed to pick up the escaped
prisoners either came too early or too late, or possibly not at all.

Police believe that the escaped convicts are on foot. Prison workers and
contractors are being questioned. And the governor of New York thinks the
man had help.


GOV. ANDREW CUOMO (D), NEW YORK: Someone assisted them, at least, with
equipment. Because if you`re talking about cutting through steel, the back
plate of the cell, –


CUOMO: – was more than a quarter inch steel. You need a minimum of
hacksaw blades to get through that.

You`re then in a catwalk, that they had to go hundreds of yards. They went
through a brick wall and then cut into a steam pipe.

They had put dummies in the bed, like “The Shawshank Redemption.” My
speculation is, those dummies deceived the guards on several nights.
Because they could not have done this in one day.


O`DONNELL: Up next, a murder indictment for a killing by police.



A North Charleston police officer has been indicted on a murder charge for
the death of 50-year-old, Walter Scott. In April, Officer Michael Slager
shot at Walter Scott eight times when he ran away after a traffic stop.

The shooting was caught on video by a bystander. Michael Slager faces 30
years to life in prison if convicted.


Up next, the moving words of a brother speaking of his brother. Hunter
Biden`s first and last memory of his big brother, Beau, is holding his



fate came early. A car accident that took his mom and his sister, and
confined Beau and Hunter, then still toddlers, to hospital beds at
Christmas time.


O`DONNELL: In his eulogy on Saturday of Joseph Robinette Biden III, who
was always known as Beau, President Obama quoted the Irish poet, Patrick
Kavanagh, saying, “Let grief be a falling leaf at the dawning of the day.”

With that leaf falling once again on the Biden Family, Beau Biden`s little
brother, Hunter, rose Saturday to celebrate his big brother`s life.

Hunter`s first and last memory of his brother is holding his hand in a


HUNTER BIDEN, JOE BIDEN`S YOUNGER SON: The first memory I have is of lying
in a hospital bed next to my brother. I was almost three years old.

I remember my brother who was one year and one day older than me, holding
my hand, staring into my eyes, saying, “I love you, I love you, I love
you,” over and over again.

And in the 42 years since, he never stopped holding my hand. He never
stopped telling me just how much he loves me.

But mine wasn`t the only hand Beau held. Beau`s was the hand everyone
reached for in their time of need. Beau`s was the hand that was reaching
for yours before you even had to ask.

That is my brother`s stories. That is his story. There are so many people
in this church today, across the country, who have a legitimate right to
say, “Beau Biden was my bestfriend.”

He was the bestfriend any of us ever had. Someone once said, “Don`t wait
to make your son a great man. Make him a great boy.”

From the time we left the hospital 42 years ago, my dad spent every moment
that he possibly could with us. No event was too small. No event was too

We traveled with him up and down the state, across the country, around the
world. We went to thousands of speeches, chicken dinners, debates.

We rode the train with him for thousands of miles. We went everywhere with

We just assumed it was normal to want to be with your dad more than anyone
else in the world.

He held so many hands – survivors of abuse, parents of his fallen brothers
and sisters in uniform, victims of violent crime in his beloved City of

That`s my brother`s story. There are thousands of people telling those
stories right now, telling the same story about when Beau Biden held their

My only claim on my brother is that he held my hand first. And, as it
began, so did it end.

His family surrounding him, everyone holding onto him. Each of us
desperate, desperately holding him, each of us whispering, “I love you, I
love you, I love you.”

And I held his hand, and he took his last breath. And I know that I was
loved. And I know that his hand will never leave mine.


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