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Chuck Todd is the chief White House correspondent for NBC News, as well as the host of “The Daily Rundown” on msnbc. He became NBC News’ political director in March 2007. He also serves as NBC News’ on-air political analyst for “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” “Today,” “Meet the Press,” and msnbc.

Todd took over as NBC’s chief White House correspondent in December 2008 and has since broadcast live reports from more than 25 countries on five different continents. In January of 2010, Todd helped launch “The Daily Rundown,” msnbc’s Washington table-setter for the upcoming campaign and policy issues the government is dealing with daily.

In addition to his on-air analysis, Todd has been responsible for all aspects of the network’s political coverage, including serving as the point person for political news and information both on and off air.  He is the editor of “First Read,” NBC’s must-read guide to political news and trends in and around Washington, DC, and he also writes daily political analysis on and hosts regular online political discussions. He is based at NBC News’ Washington, DC bureau.

Before joining NBC News, Todd was the editor-in-chief of the National Journal’s “The Hotline,” Washington’s premier daily briefing on American politics. In his 15 years of working at “The Hotline” or one of its affiliates, Todd became one of Washington’s foremost experts on political campaigns of all levels. He served as editor-in-chief for six years. He continues to serve as a contributing editor to the Atlantic Monthly where he pens political essays. In December 2005, Todd was featured as one of “Washingtonian’s ‘Best Of’” journalists.

Following the 2008 election, Todd co-authored the book “How Barack Obama Won,” which is the definitive guide to the historic 2008 presidential election. The book uses the election results and exit polls to give readers a state-by-state guide to just how states voted, why they went the way they did, and offers analysis as to where these states are headed in future elections. Todd also authors numerous political and media essays that are frequently picked up by The Atlantic, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

Todd has won several Emmy Awards for his reporting while at NBC News. He is a native of Miami and currently resides in Arlington, Va. with his wife, Kristian, and two children. Follow Todd on Twitter: @chucktodd.

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