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A sit down with Dia Simms on her lessons for leadership

Millennial contributor Daniela Pierre Bravo recently sat down with Dia Simms to get her lessons on leadership and top tips on negotiating.
Miller Hawkins

For young women entering the workplace it can be a daunting experience. But seeing other women excelling in positions of power can have a lasting impact. Dia Simms President of Combs Enterprises – was one of those women for me.

Although neither of us knew it then, 6 years ago, when I stepped inside The Bad Boy Entertainment offices in New York City for an internship - Dia would have a big influence in my career. Each week, I sat on the sidelines of team meetings and watched her lead and inspire with tenacity and grace, setting the same type of expectations for the team that she demanded of herself. It was a clear passion for excellence and producing results through relentless hard work.

Dia was my first real life example of what it looks like for a woman of minority background to break through the glass ceiling.

To my surprise, I noticed that the leadership team in the office was made up almost entirely of women, who like myself, were minorities. This was a conscious decision made by the Founder and CEO Sean Combs. And for a young girl from rural Ohio, a work place environment like this made all the difference.

Recently honored with a Matrix Award, Dia talked about her unconventional rise from assistant – to President of Combs Enterprises. Her accomplishments are the result of her no-nonsense work ethic, drive to achieve big goals, and inspirational and energetic leadership.

I recently sat down with Dia to get her lessons on leadership and top tips on negotiating.

Dia Simms on leadership

May 24, 201802:53

Daniela Pierre-Bravo is Know Your Value's millennial contributor. She is co-authoring book with Mika Brzezinski titled "The Millennial Challenge," a guide for women just entering the workforce. It will be released in spring 2019. For more about Daniela, click here.