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In the know: Women in the news 2/1-2/8

A weekly roundup of women in the news.
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A year after the #MeToo Grammys, Women are still missing in music

Women represent only 21 percent of all artists, and it's reflective in this year’s Grammy nominees. Here's a look at how the lack of representation shapes music today, perhaps even more dramatically than in Hollywood.

Women's brains appear three years younger than men's

According to a new study on brain metabolism from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, women's brains appear to be three years younger than men's of the same age. The findings offer insight into why women maintain their cognitive abilities longer than men.

How a woman's heart is different from a man's

In honor of Women’s Heart Health Month, here are the four key ways a woman's heart is different than a man's. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the United States.

Women finally get a menstruation emoji

The Unicode Consortium, an organization that decides which symbols get to be emojis, announced the 2019 additions this week. Among the 59 new emojis is one symbolizing a woman’s period. The menstruation symbol was one initially advocated for by Plan International U.K., a girls’ rights charity.

The lessons of the women in white at the State of the Union Address

A majority of congressional House Democrats wore white to President Trump’s State of the Union address, a nod to the Suffragettes and a symbol of their fight for women's rights. "On a night when the role of the audience in the chamber was to listen and, maybe, stand and applaud (or sit and look disappointed), the women still managed to make themselves heard," writes Vanessa Friedman, a fashion critic for The New York Times. "And on a night when Mr. Trump used a series of guests in the balcony as symbols, they offered a powerful symbol of their own."