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5 not-to-be-missed podcasts for women entrepreneurs

JJ Ramberg, co-founder of the podcast discovery app Goodpods, gives Know Your Value her top picks
Young businesswoman with coffee and smartphone indoors on escalator in city, listening to music.
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The number of women-led companies are on the rise. The number of women entrepreneurs grew 48 percent, year-over-year, outpacing their male counterparts by a significant 22 percent.

Starting a company is exciting, but hard. Running it is even more exciting, but even harder. So, we asked JJ Ramberg, co-founder of podcast discovery app Goodpods, to put together a must-listen to podcast playlist for women entrepreneurs.

Check out Ramberg’s picks below:

They Got Acquired: “The gutsy cold pitch that landed Laura Roeder a 7-figure deal

Social media expert Laura Roeder insists you don’t have to work a 100-hour work week to grow a successful business, and she proved it with her own story. “Starting a company just six months before having her first child, Roeder and her partner (both in business and marriage) Chris Williams designed their company so they could have a career and a life. And, it was that structure that eventually helped them sell their company,” explained Ramberg.

Pulling the Thread with Elise Loehnen: “When Women Lead (Julia Boorstin)

CNBC reporter Julia Boorstin shares what she’s learned about female leadership through telling the stories of 60 female CEOs and leaders in her new book, “When Women Lead.” Ramberg explained, “In this conversation Julia explains the traits that have made these women uniquely suited to successfully be in charge.”

What Fresh Hell: “Changing the Invisible Workload”

If you are both a parent and entrepreneur, you cannot skip this episode. Author Eve Rodsky explains the “invisible workload” that women take on at home and provides solutions on how to split it more evenly with your partner. “Thinking about the structure of balance at home is incredibly important to giving yourself the time and space needed to be a successful entrepreneur,” said Ramberg.

Women at Work: “The Essentials: Dealing with Stress

Stress is simply part of the deal when you’re starting and running your own business, but how you deal with can be a game changer. “This episode focuses on how to recognize stress, and it gives advice on what actions to take to control both tension and anxiety,” explained Ramberg.

Side Hustle Pro: “How Shontay Lundy Got Black Girl Sunscreen in Every Target in America

This is an episode intended to inspire — a story of an entrepreneur who saw a need in her own life. Shontay Lundy, founder of Black Girl Sunscreen, created a product and eventually turned her idea into a successful business. “In this episode, Shontay explains what it took to convince retailers that there was a need for sunscreen for dark skin and how she built her business by relying on her intuition and a lot of strategizing,” said Ramberg.