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Effectiveness of possible Syrian strike questioned


Former Democratic Congressman from Pennsylvania and Navy Admiral Joe Sestak explained to MSNBC’s Alex Witt that a military strike by the United States on Syria is “inevitable.”

A strike in Syria would not help the situation on the ground in the country, said Democrat Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania Saturday.

“I’ll be quite frank, it isn’t going to have any effect, I think, at all on Assad and regime change,” said Sestak, who is also a Navy admiral. A military strike would be more of a face-saving measure for the international community.

“But if we don’t act, after the President of the United States, the commander-in-chief, has spoken, that there is a red line, then what does it mean to Iran? What does it mean to Hezbollah?” he said.

When President Obama drew his red line, it effectively backed the US into a corner to test its credibility if that red line was crossed.

“I’m not saying that the president was wrong to say the use of chemical weapons would mean we would act,” he said. “But I’m not sure that they thought through all the consequences and the true objective of this strike weeks and months ago, when it was said.”

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