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E.g., 4/2/2015
Rand Paul gets profiled by Vogue

Rand Paul gets profiled by Vogue

09/21/13 09:30AM

Jason Horowitz, a contributor at Vogue magazine, joins the Up panel to discuss the recent profile he wrote on Senator Rand Paul and wife Kelley Ashby. “Everything he’s doing is someone who's running for president,” he said. watch

Wilder: Va. Gov. candidates ‘unelectrifying’

Wilder: Va. Gov. candidates ‘unelectrifying’

09/21/13 08:45AM

Former Virginia Gov. Doug Wilder joins the Up panel to discuss the current race for governor in Virginia. He said the current candidates for governor were perhaps “the most unelectrifying set of candidates that we've seen to get some energy in voters." watch

Up: September 21

09/20/13 02:46PM

This Saturday on Up with Steve Kornacki, we'll discuss the budget-Obamacare fight in Congress that could lead to a government shutdown, and we'll examine President Obama's so-called "second-term slump" and how it compares to those of past presidents. We'll also talk about how immigration is causing major headaches... read more


The rules of running for president

09/15/13 11:29AM

It may be too early for most Americans to think about Election 2016, but it's undeniable that the possible candidates are getting ready. Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Joe Biden are some of the politicians who illustrate what you need to do if you want to run for President in the modern era.... read more


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