Zimmerman’s lawyer bails on interview

The Last Word made history on Monday. It was the first time a guest walked off our set moments before air. And It will forever be remembered as the time Lawrence O’Donnell gave “the chair interview.”

Lawrence slammed Craig Sonner, the “cowardly” lawyer representing George Zimmerman, for fleeing from the studio. The guest bailed on the show and escaped into his waiting car provided by msnbc, literally running away from Lawrence’s tough questions on the murder investigation.

Proving the show must go on, Lawrence furiously ran through his line of questioning to the empty chair that was supposed to be occupied by Sonner. His client is the man who shot and killed Florida teen, Trayvon Martin.

“Who is paying you, Mr. Lawyer? Who hired you?” he demanded of the vacant seat.

New York Times columnist Charles Blow also weighed in on the investigation. He also took partial credit for scaring away George Zimmerman’s lawyer.

George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin and The Last Word OMFG

Zimmerman's lawyer bails on interview