The NRA’s new women’s channel: ‘Armed and fabulous’


The National Rifle Association re-launched its online NRA Women channel, hoping to boost female membership among “armed and fabulous” women interested in using  firearms for recreation, sport, and protection. The new channel, NRAWomen.TV, has posted a trailer introducing “fresh faces of the NRA who are making a difference.”

The trailer features several female gun enthusiasts who are outspoken proponents of the Second Amendment and who no longer want “to be pigeonholed into one category of a gun-owner.”

“We are proud and excited to announce the new and improved NRA Women presented by Smith & Wesson Corp.,” the NRA Women’s Network announced on their Facebook page. “Our mission is to expose the public to the female face of the NRA. Look for profiles featuring women in the shooting sports who are making their voices known coming soon!”

The NRA Women’s channel showcases a Women’s Leadership Forum Roundtable hosted by Susan LaPierre, wife of the NRA’s executive vice president and CEO; a lifestyle section that offers “Guns, Gear, Grub and Girl’s Night Out”; and several profiles of “armed and fabulous” women dedicated to protecting their constitutional rights. Also making safety a priority, the online channel highlights “Refuse To Be A Victim“ seminars, offering classes conducted all over the country and a forum for women to share their stories about when they had to protect themselves with firearms.

One of the women featured in the video, Natalie Foster, underscored the importance of more women becoming engaged with the gun debate.

“Right now is our time. As women, we get to get out there and we get to tell people what this is all about. Becoming a shooter and a gun owner, I feel so empowered.”

Another gun-owner, Julie Golob, discussed how her role as a mother incited her to educate the general public about the most valued function of a gun–protection.

“In shooting sports, you don’t just drop your kids off, and leave and run errands. I want to protect my child in any way that’s possible. I want them to have that right to protect the thing that we–our future,” Golob said. “It’s not just about Washington and everything else. It’s about sharing your sport, sharing your passion, sharing your desire to protect yourself.”

Watch below to see the  “New Energy” trailer from the NRA Women’s Network.


The NRA's new women's channel: 'Armed and fabulous'