Rewriting Ron Paul’s ‘fake’ libertarianism


Ron Paul’s supporters love him. He’s the guy voters turn to get the government out of their lives and pocketbooks. And he’s consistently not afraid to stand up to rowdy Republican debate audiences with his defiant anti-war stance. He wants to legalize drugs. He seems like the ultimate libertarian — until you hear his position on sex and reproductive rights.

msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell exposed Ron Paul as a “fake” libertarian because of his position on sex and birth control.

In this week’s GOP debate, Ron Paul talked about his unyielding opposition to a woman’s right to choose, saying the government should prevent all abortions — the standard Republican Party line.

A real libertarian wouldn’t want the government to make any sort of law on sex among consenting adults.


Ron Paul

Rewriting Ron Paul's 'fake' libertarianism