Kerry to play Romney in debate prep

Sen. John Kerry (file) and Mitt Romney (file)
Sen. John Kerry (file) and Mitt Romney (file)
Mark Wilson/Getty Images; AFP/Getty Images
President Obama cast Senator John Kerry to play the role of Mitt Romney in rehearsal debates. The former 2004 presidential candidate will help prep Obama for three crucial TV appearances this coming fall, in which he’ll face off with the Republican nominee on a range of issues.

It’s not just the wicked Massachusetts accent. According to the Washington Post, Obama’s chief strategist David Axelrod called him “the obvious choice.”

“There is no one that has more experience or understanding of the presidential debate process than John Kerry,” said Axelrod. “He’s an expert debater who has a fundamental mastery of a wide range of issues, including Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts.”

Kerry and Romney also share two other gaping similarities: both also have super-sized bank accounts and have been heavily criticized for flip-flipping on policy issues.

No word yet on who Romney will pick to play Obama for his own dress rehearsals. He’s currently in the process of auditioning VP running mates on his bus tour.