Bao Bao makes her public debut at an indoor habitat at the National Zoo in Washington, Monday, Jan. 6, 2014.
Charles Dharapak/AP

Watch: Bao Bao enjoy a frosty treat

Attention animal lovers, Bao Bao is back and acting cuter than ever!

While everything the panda cub does is adorable, video footage has emerged of her enjoying a frosty treat on a hot summer day.

Last week the Smithsonian National Zoo released a YouTube video of mom, Mei Xiang, and her cub, Bao Bao, enjoying what the Zoo called a “fruitsicle.”

“During the summer the giant pandas usually receive a refreshing fruitsicle treat every day,” The National Zoo YouTube page says. “On July 6, 2014, Bao Bao and Mei Xiang each received one before shifting inside for the afternoon. Bao Bao’s fruitsicle is much smaller than Mei’s, but she is showing more interest in solid foods - especially fruitsicle treats.”

Earlier that week, the National Zoo added two new members to their expanding family: the 100th and 101st flamingo chicks.

Currently, the chicks are being hand-reared by caretakers behind the scenes in a cozy 95-degree incubator and will join the Zoo’s flamingo flock outside when they are older.