‘Entourage’ star tackles drug trade


We know him as Vinny Chase, the star of HBO’s hit show Entourage, but Adrian Grenier is playing a new role now. He is a co- producer of the documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs, which takes a look at the international drug trade and explains why the drug war has been a complete failure. “This is an insider look at not only drug dealing but also the war on drugs, showing some of the inconsistencies there,” Grenier said on Tuesday’s The Cycle.

While this documentary is a new role for Grenier, many Entourage fans want to know if he will be playing Vinny Chase again. “We might have to crowdfund to bail Vince out of jail if he gets busted for some of the behavior he has been known for, but if he is out of jail, we are doing it.”

This post was updated at 10:15pm to reflect that Grenier is a co-producer of the documentary. 


'Entourage' star tackles drug trade