Boston Bruins fans hold a giant flag with the Boston Logo on it prior to a game in Boston, Massachusetts.

Adorable Bruins fan pumps up the team

Get ready for this little Bruins fan to melt your heart!

On Tuesday, eight-year-old Liam Fitzgerald, a leukemia survivor who has Down Syndrome, was invited by the Boston Bruins to sit on the bench during the pregame skate and what happened after was priceless. The pint size fans held out his fist and received a fist bump from each player as the skated off the ice into the locker room before the game.

“You can see his excitement to be there,” said Defenseman Adam McQuaid. “It’s special for him. But it’s also very special for us.”

This wasn’t Liam’s first trip to meet one a Boston team. This past summer he visited Fenway Park as Clay Buchholz’s guest, but his trip to the Garden was icing on the cake. Liam’s true Boston sports love lies with the Bruins–he even dressed up as defenseman Adam McQuaid last year for Halloween.

“It not the attention, it’s the smile they bring to his face,” his mom, Christine Fitzgerald said. “I watch what [the Bruins] do at Children’s Hospital. The athletes take the gift they have of their fame down to a personal level. It goes beyond their hockey skill set and shows they are human. Giving back. Sharing their gift with others.”