Thursday’s campaign round-up


Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that won’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* With the Alabama and Mississippi Republican presidential primaries turning out to be more important than expected, the Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich super PACs are already buying airtime in both states.

* The Romney campaign raised $11.5 million in February, but only has $7.3 million left in the bank.

* Gingrich has decided to give up on competing in Kansas, which will hold its presidential caucus on Saturday, and where Santorum is expected to do well.

* There hasn’t been much in the way of polling in the deep South, but a Alabama State University poll, conducted before Super Tuesday, shows Santorum out in front with 23% support, followed by Romney at 19% and Newt Gingrich at 14%.

* Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) remains a top target for Karl Rove’s attack operation, Crossroads GPS.

* While most recent polling has shows state Attorney General Rob McKenna (R) leading Washington’s gubernatorial race, a new SEIU/AFSCME-funded gubernatorial race poll conducted by Grove Insights shows McKenna tied with Rep. Jay Inslee (D).

* And as was first seen on NBC’s “Today” show this morning, the Obama campaign has a new trailer for a documentary it’ll be releasing next week called the “Road We’ve Traveled.” The message isn’t subtle: the nation is vastly better off than it was when the president took office.

Thursday's campaign round-up