Stuff TRMS watchers say

Stuff TRMS watchers say
Stuff TRMS watchers say

Many thanks to all who participated in our Stuff TRMS Viewers Say Challenge. Hard to choose but among the jewels are:

“It’s not a high lighter, it’s my lightsaber.”

Allison McDonald writes that she says that one “generally randomly in class.” More we love after the jump.

nattyrec “First of all, have I left out anything important or portrayed anything inaccurately in my introduction?”

Will the Hermit  “Herman Cain is an art project.”

Susan van Inwegen “Teeeeeeny, teeeeeny, teeeny, tiny!”

Bassoonist Paul  “John Boehner is very very bad at his job”

Vox Populous  “You don’t get to vote on Rights!”

Moubs608 “Mmmmm… Say it with me… INFRASTRUCTURE!”

ReadingPhoenix “They so need to bring back Rachel’s mancave.”

Judith-4511883 “Cohabitor, homosexual, fornicator… I’m all THREE!”

Kate Kirschner “Bikini Graph!!!!”

AlantheWriter “PolitiFact, you’re fired!”

Michael W Foster  “And now, it’s time for prison.”

Stuff TRMS watchers say