North Dakota state Sen. Dwight Cook, a Republican from Mandan, asks a question during a legislative hearing in Bismarck, N.D. on Nov. 2, 2011.
Dale Wetzel/AP

This guy skipped the GOP’s ‘how-to-talk-about-women’ training


In the hopes of avoiding any more Todd Akins, Republican leaders in Washington recently launched a hilarious effort to teach members how to talk to, and about, women.

“Let me put it this way, some of these guys have a lot to learn,” one GOP staffer told Politico. 

That certainly looks to be the case for one North Dakota state legislator. Here’s what State Sen. Dwight Cook said in an interview with a local radio station, which was flagged by Taegan Goddard:

Let me explain it this way, Joel, and you might feel the same way. When I find out my wife’s been shopping at a home improvement store, I get nervous. I wonder what ideas are going on in her pretty little head and ‘What’s it going to cost me?’

Maybe this guy skipped class?

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This guy skipped the GOP's 'how-to-talk-about-women' training