Making the ‘psychological message’ worse


Following up on an item from yesterday, Republicans continue to enthusiastically embrace the notion that nearly all presidential election polling has been skewed in Democrats’ favor, and the conservative Washington Times gets in on the fun today. If you missed it, Rachel’s segment on this last night is well worth your time.

But what struck me as especially interesting this morning was today’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” where the hosts not only endorsed the notion that pollsters are over-sampling Democrats, but also that the problem is sending a bad “psychological message” to Americans.

Here’s a quick follow-up question for the hosts: is their own network in on this?

Fox News released a poll earlier this month showing President Obama leading Mitt Romney nationally by five points. Late last week, Fox News also released survey results that found Obama leading Romney by seven points in Ohio, six points in Florida, and seven points in Virginia. In an odd twist, Fox News polling shows Obama doing better in these critical battleground states than Public Policy Polling did, and PPP is often considered a Democratic-leaning pollster.

In other words, when “Fox & Friends” accuses pollsters of sending a bad “psychological message” to the electorate by releasing results Republicans don’t like, they’re inadvertently condemning their own network.

Leave it to Fox News to identify a polling conspiracy so insidious that Fox News is actually part of the polling conspiracy.