Letter from Ohio: Bracing for cuts

What's there, there.
What's there, there.
Eddie S/Flickr

@Carol writes about the economy in her neck of the woods:

I live in rural Ohio. Small towns surrounded by mostly family farms. Industry has pretty much left for the South or overseas, or downsized to a fraction of their past size. Foreclosures take way more pages than help wanted ads in local papers. The one bright spot is Smucker’s. They don’t call us “Jelly City” for nothing!

Federal and state cuts are a disaster waiting to happen. Personally, we are at the high end of our 60’s, and fearing the worst. If SS is cut, Medicare costs rise, and property taxes go up again, we’ll be hard pressed to keep our mortgage-free home. Local governments need to cut services and consider raising local taxes. These are the “golden years” we worked so hard to reach?

Jobs? There are few openings. Those with jobs hang onto them. Local businesses occasionally hire, but just over minimum wage. Underemployment (part-time, low wages) is better than nothing. Business booms at yard sales and low-end grocery and Goodwill stores.

Reminds me of the old story of the town that kept afloat by taking in each other’s laundry!