Friday’s Mini-Report, 9.2.16

Today’s edition of quick hits:
* So far, much of this appears to largely work in Clinton’s favor: “The FBI on Friday released notes from its interview with Hillary Clinton and the investigation into her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.”
* Hermine: “Tropical Storm Hermine was lashing the Carolina coasts with ferocious winds and rain Friday afternoon as it swept up the coast, while Florida began cleaning up debris and restoring power to tens of thousands of customers.”
* Zika: “Singapore reported another big batch of Zika virus cases Friday, bringing its total count in just a week to 189, and World Health Organization officials said the spread of the virus definitely still constitutes a global health emergency.”
* Capital punishment: “A federal appeals court said on Friday that Missouri must disclose the identities of the drug suppliers who provide the chemical used in the state’s single-drug execution protocol.”
* Chemical weapons: “The U.S. Army plans to start operating a $4.5 billion plant next week that will destroy the nation’s largest remaining stockpile of mustard agent, complying with an international treaty that bans chemical weapons, officials said Wednesday.”
* They’re apparently holding a grudge: “House Republicans are preparing to reprimand Democratic lawmakers for their controversial ‘sit-in’ protest over gun control, sources told Politico.”
* And on a related note, with Congress back next week, it’s time to start thinking about this again: “Senate Democrats are forecasting a government shutdown next month if Republicans don’t acquiesce to their demands for a stopgap bill that runs only through this year.”
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Friday's Mini-Report, 9.2.16