Friday’s Mini-Report


Today’s edition of quick hits:

* In the wake of North Korea’s humiliation, what’s next? “Most analysts believe the failed test will encourage the military … to take some provocative action to bolster its credentials, increasing the likelihood of a nuclear test that the country appeared to already be preparing.”

* Did the 2008 bailouts turn a profit? More on this next week.

* Falling gas prices? “Thanks to easing demand from a slowing global economy and increased production from Saudi Arabia, the oil market is coming off a two-year cycle of tightening supply, according to the International Energy Agency.”

* Progress: “U.S.-Pakistan relations took a leap forward on Friday, when Islamabad agreed to a plan to reopen vital supply routes to American and coalition forces in Afghanistan.”

* Tulsa shootings: “Oklahoma prosecutors filed murder and hate crime charges Friday against two men arrested in an Easter weekend shooting spree that left three people dead and terrorized Tulsa’s black community.”

* The White House today released the tax returns for the Obamas and Bidens. No word yet from the Romneys.

* Big ruling from the 9th Circuit: “Reversing a decades-old rule, a federal appeals court said on Thursday that public television and radio stations could not be prohibited from broadcasting paid political advertisements.”

* Komen grants are, in fact, going to Planned Parenthood, as they’re supposed to.

* It’s actually a good thing that more workers are quitting their jobs than being laid off. That’s “a sign that the labor market is improving.”

* The trend continues: two more companies sever their ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

* And following up on an earlier item, “Sh** Allen West Says” debuts.

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Friday's Mini-Report