Friday’s campaign round-up

Gingrich intends to stick around for a long while.
Gingrich intends to stick around for a long while.
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Today’s installment of campaign-related news items that won’t necessarily generate a post of their own, but may be of interest to political observers:

* With comments that will delight the Mitt Romney campaign, Newt Gingrich told an Alabama radio station this morning, “I’m going to be all the way to Tampa. There’s no question in my mind.”

* On a related note, Romney told an Alabama radio station yesterday that campaigning in Alabama and Mississippi represents “a bit of an away game” for the former Massachusetts governor.

* Romney also picked up a key Mississippi endorsement yesterday, getting the support of Gov. Phil Bryant (R).

* In Nebraska, Chuck Hassebrook (D) ended his U.S. Senate bid yesterday, standing aside for former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D), who surprised many by jumping into the race last week.

* The Republican National Committee raised a healthy $11.3 million in February, thanks in large part to the return of major donors. The Democratic National Committee has not yet released its monthly figures.

* Republicans can probably cross Maine off their list of possible swing states — PPP shows President Obama leading Romney in the Pine Tree State by 23 points.

* If the Republican presidential nominating race is still underway in June, it appears Romney has the edge in California’s GOP primary.

* And for whatever reason, the Romney campaign continues to utilize Donald Trump in robocalls. Trump spokesman Michael Cohen said yesterday, “Voters across the United States should expect a call from Donald Trump praising Mitt Romney.”

Friday's campaign round-up