Erpenbach won’t say if he’s running against Walker


When Wisconsin’s Democratic state senators left the state last year in an effort to stop Republicans from stripping union rights, State Senator Jon Erpenbach became one of the most public faces of his caucus’ cause. Now that Wisconsin Democrats have turned in a million signatures to put Governor Scott Walker up for recall, might Mr. Erpenbach run against him?

From the show last night:

MADDOW: Senator Erpenbach, I have to ask you if you are considering running against Governor Walker. There is no single declared Democratic candidate who is the obvious choice to run against Governor Walker. Are you considering running against him?

ERPENBACH: It certainly is something that I`m taking a look at. But there is a lot of good people who are talking about it as well. One of my colleagues, Tim Cullen, who is the state senator, one of the 14, he’s out of Beloit, in the Gainesville area. Kathleen Falk, the former county executive. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. So, there’s quite a few people who are talking about it.

But what we are doing right now obviously is today is the day to celebrate in a very kind of ironic. It’s also kind of a sad day if you think about it on the state’s history. Over a million people want to change governors here in the state of Wisconsin. And this guy has been in office a year and a week. So, it’s a celebratory day but it’s kind of strange at the same time.

So, right now, it’s making sure even though election hasn’t been called yet, making sure the signatures are certified and we move forward from there.

We’re scoring that answer as neither “yes” nor “no.” After the interview Senator Erpenbach tweeted, “Well…that was fun! @maddow” (We thought so, too.)

Today former Dane County executive Kathleen Falk jumped into the race. State Senator Tim Cullen has been in since last month. Another possibility, among many, is Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who looks great in the polls.

(On the show: A million to one in Wisconsin recall)


Erpenbach won't say if he's running against Walker