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On the show today: Campaign Drama.  As Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney position themselves for Super Tuesday, at least one of them is focused on the past (i.e. Michigan) to challenge delegate counts. Then: At least 5 more days of Newt Gingrich. He’s said himself he’s got to win Georgia on Tuesday.  If he doesn’t, will that mean the end of one of the greatest gifts of the political season (at least for TV producers)? Plus - a look ahead at gas prices and the role they’ll play both in the primaries and, especially, the general election.  Finally today: Well, it’s Friday, and so we’ll look back at the week that was and ask the age-old question: What Just Happened?!


Josh Tyrangiel, Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek (@tyrangiel)

Fmr. Gov. Ed Rendell, (D-PA), NBC News Political Analyst

Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times (@lynnsweet)

Ben Smith, BuzzFeed (@buzzfeedben)


Eamon Javers, CNBC (@eamonjavers)

Rick Tyler, Gingrich Winning Our Future Super PAC (@rickwtyler) 



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