Herman Cain: I’ll make an ‘unconventional endorsement’


Herman Cain, in his first msnbc appearance since suspending his campaign, teased to his upcoming GOP presidential endorsement. But true to form, Cain said it will not be what people expect.

NOW’s Alex Wagner grilled the former candidate on whether he thought his past opponent Mitt Romney was the best hope for the Republican party, or if aligned with ‘anybody but Mitt.’

“No, I’m not a member of the ‘anybody but Mitt’ crowd,” Cain told Wagner.

“Is that an endorsement?”

“No, Alex, that is not an endorsement… it will be an unconventional endorsement. Underscore the word, unconventional.”


Cain’s status as the unconventional GOP candidate launched him as a poll front-runner early on in the race as the refreshing ‘not-Romney’ alternative. But when allegations of sexual harassment and an extramarital affair toppled Cain’s popularity, pundits assumed his subsequent campaign “suspension” translated into political death.

On the contrary, Cain is back, stretching out his 15 minutes of political fame following his departure in December with the launch of his “Solutions Revolution” bus tour to promote his no longer defunct tax plan.

“The lead solution is going to be 9-9-9, the revolution,” Cain said. “It’s what America needs to sustain economic growth.”

Cain scoffed at harsh critiques that his bus tour and book sales were a self-promotional branding ploy, saying he was misunderstood.

“They are fundamentally wrong because they don’t fundamentally know about me or my character,” Cain said. “I was doing okay with branding when I was doing Godfather’s Pizza. I have a higher calling now.”

What do you think his endorsement is going to be? Romney? Gingrich? NOW panelist, the Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart, predicted that Herman Cain would endorse…Herman Cain! What do you think?

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Herman Cain

Herman Cain: I'll make an 'unconventional endorsement'